7 Best Maltese Breeders in California! (2024)

Are you looking for trustworthy Maltese breeders in California? Then you’ve landed on the right page! Maltese is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. Although their small size is perfect for carrying around, these cute puppies are nonetheless quite personable.

They’re also known for being hypoallergenic, which makes them a fantastic option if you or someone close to you suffers from allergies. Check our list of the best Maltese breeders in California if you consider bringing a Maltese puppy into your household.

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Maltese Puppies For Sale in California

Maltese Puppies For Sale in California

We’ve added their contact details for every breeder to make your search easier.

1. Berrybest Puppy

Berrybest Puppy (Maltese California)

This kennel has been breeding the highest quality Maltese puppies in California for over 10 years. They’re experts in producing Maltese puppies, especially the toy size. All their puppies are CKC (Continental Kennel Club) registered, and you will be given puppy registration paperwork that you have to mail in to get your registration documents.

You’ll also get health and vaccination reports with dates. Additionally, the breeder provides a health guarantee for up to a year for hereditary diseases. You may return the puppy if you find any problems within 72 hours. If you want to buy from Berrybest puppy, you may have to pay a deposit in advance. Visit their website for more up-to-date information. They also deliver through a flight nanny!

Berrybest Puppy Details

2. California Puppies and More

California Puppies and More (Maltese California)

With more than ten years of expertise in Maltese breeding, California Puppies and More offers you nothing but the best. They focus on providing the right training and proper care for their dogs. The female puppies chosen to breed are genetically tested, have no health problems, and are hand-picked to produce the greatest puppies. They’re sold with a one-year health warranty covering any genetic issues.

If you’re confused, the breeder can help you choose your ideal pet with their years of experience in animal breeding and selling. The best thing about this breeder is their extra services. They provide training to adopters, free follow-up vaccinations, short-term boarding, and grooming for medium- to small-sized dogs. In short, you’ll become a family member when you buy from California Puppies and More.

California Puppies and More Details

3. RagTak Maltese

RagTak Maltese (Maltese California)

RagTak Maltese is a breeding kennel in California run by Kathy Sanguinet. They’re a moral hobby breeding operation with a ton of training and expertise in producing puppies with excellent show potential. The American Maltese Association refers to this breeder. Moreover, they are members of the AKC. They follow all the enrichment and medical procedures recommended by the AKC.

Their dogs get health examinations to lower their chance of inheritable illnesses or disorders. In addition, before being sent home, their Maltese puppies get the necessary vaccinations, are dewormed, and have a negative fecal examination. RagTak provides a 12-month health warranty. You get a small bag of food and a toy with the littermate’s scent with every puppy.

RagTak Maltese Details

4. Scruffy’s Toys

Scruffy's Toys (Maltese California)

This kennel is owned and run by Cynthia Landry. She produces show-quality Maltese puppies for sale in Southern California. She started her career in the pet industry by showing a Maltese named “Cajun” in the AKC championship title in 1986. Soon, she found her love for this breed and started breeding Maltese puppies to produce good show dogs.

All her puppies are checked for inherent genetic problems by a registered veterinarian. Cynthia has further plans to produce companion dogs and service animals to spread the happiness that a dog brings into a family. If you want to buy a Maltese puppy from Scruffy’s Toys, reach the breeder using the phone numbers below. They don’t ship puppies. So you have to visit the breeder, see the puppy in person, and then make your purchase.

Scruffy’s Toys Details

5. Richelieu Maltese

Richelieu Maltese (Maltese California)

Judy E. McQuiston from Florida and Pat Keen Fernandes from California work together in this kennel to produce beautiful, high-quality, and attractive Maltese dogs. It’s situated in a charming rural environment in Northern California. Pat is an AKC breeder of merit, besides being a nationally-recognized professional dog handler of world-class champions. Judy is also engaged with Maltese for over 30 years and has bred, trained, and handled several Champions.

She is also a member of the American Maltese Association. Richelieu Maltese places a high priority on health and temperament. Therefore, every litter is meticulously prepared. Many parents are AKC Champions of Record. All have undergone health testing before joining the Richelieu Breeding program. All puppies are health-checked before being presented to new homes by their veterinarian!

Richelieu Maltese Details

6. Musial’s Maltese

Musial's Maltese (Maltese California)

Elizabeth Musial shows and breeds Maltese puppies in California. She strives to produce the highest quality Maltese conformation rings. She is a member of the AKC National Breed Club Member – the American Maltese Association. The parents of Elizabeth’s puppies are all AKC registered, and the puppies are also eligible for AKC registration.

Her puppies also compete in AKC conformation events. The puppies are provided the Nobivac 1-DAPPv vaccine. You’ll also get a health warranty if you buy your puppy from Musial. As this is a small kennel, and the breeder occasionally produces for families, they don’t have a full-fledged website or social accounts. However, you can always call/text the given number for any issues about this breed.

Musial’s Maltese Details

7. Aria Maltese

Aria Maltese (Maltese California)

Last on the list of the best Maltese breeders in California is Aria Maltese. Heidi Sullivan is the breeder behind this kennel. She is a show dog specialist and member of the American Maltese Association. Sullivan is also an AKC “breeder of merit” and the California Central Valley Maltese Club president.

Her puppies are well-known for their consistently lovely head types, clean movement, and amazing temperament. Aria’s main goal is to breed for shows and events. However, they often have puppies available for adoption and often have a waiting list of families. If you’re looking for Maltese puppies in California, call the breeder with the given number and ask if they have any puppies available for sale.

Aria Maltese Details

How to Choose a Maltese Breeder in California

How to Choose a Maltese Breeder in California

Maltese puppies are wonderful pets. However, the breeder from whom you will get your puppy is equally important.
Here are some tips for finding the perfect breeder:

Learn More About the Breeder

Meeting with your breeder is the best way to do it. However, if that’s not possible, while you’re on the video conference, keep these things in mind:

  • Is the kennel clean and well organized?
  • Does the breeder care deeply about the puppies?
  • Are the dogs appropriately fed?
  • Do the puppies seem happy while they’re around the breeder?
  • Also, ask all the questions you need. While doing that, notice these two things:
  • Do they understand your inquiries?
  • Do you consider them to be helpful?
  • Reputable breeders want their puppies to be in the care of devoted owners. You’ll want to move to another breeder if they lack patience or are unhelpful.

Examine the Puppy’s Parents

Seeing the puppy’s parents is also very crucial. You can predict your puppy’s temperament, height, and look based on its parents’ personalities.

Know Your Dog’s Medical History

All respectable breeders will provide documentation of medical examinations. This may include the records of vet exams, vaccinations, and deworming history. Additionally, they won’t hide any health issues.

Keep Patience While Looking for a Breeder

Purchasing a puppy from a breeder is a multi-day procedure. The puppy will ideally spend the first two to three months in the kennel. They need the presence of parents and siblings in the early months. Note that it’s not a good sign if the breeder is pushing the sale! You’ll benefit from having more time to prepare your home for the puppy and get the required supplies before bringing it home.

More Information About Maltese Puppies in California

More Information About Maltese Puppies in California

Maltese puppies are much smaller than other breeds. They’re under 7 pounds and are between 8 and 10 inches tall. They’re adorable canines with fluffy, white, and silky coats. They live 12 to 15 years or even longer. Maltese become filthy quickly. So, you have to groom and brush often! Also, they like training and are simple to teach as well.

You can take them on lengthy strolls (all you need to do is wait until they’re 8 months old). However, Maltese have poor digestive systems. So you must constantly ensure that they are eating well. Buy yours from reputable breeders of Maltese puppies in California (preferably from the breeders on our list), and you don’t have to worry about a thing!

Conclusion For The “Best Maltese Breeders in California”

Conclusion For The "Best Maltese Breeders in California"

Everyone needs a trustworthy friend! And a Maltese can be just that for you. They will always protect you out of love, devotion, and loyalty. However, finding good Maltese breeders in California can be challenging, as so many puppy factories produce these puppies unethically.

We suggest buying only from a registered, reputed breeder instead of a puppy store. Hopefully, our list of Maltese breeders in the state will help you to find the next furry friend you have always wanted!

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