Common Stray Cat Breeds! (2023)


More than a quarter of Americans keep feline friends at home, with the total number of domesticated cats reaching just below 60 million. However, up to 100 million cats in the United States live without a place to call home. The strays scrape by in alleyways, behind businesses, and throughout the suburban wilderness. As stray … Read more

Why Can’t a Human Breed With Other Animals? (2023)


Human-animal hybrids have appeared in stories for thousands of years, from the centaurs of Greek mythology to Narasimha, the lion-headed avatar of the Hindu god Vishnu. In the real world, why can’t a human breed with other animals when we know some other species can interbreed? Let’s take a closer look at this. Other articles … Read more

The Best Animal Breeding Associations! (2023)


Animal breeding is a divisive topic, especially since as a whole, breeders have developed a negative reputation. You want to find a reputable breeder or animal breeder company that conducts responsible breeding practices before purchasing your next animal.  Other articles you would like: Will a Dog Breed While Bleeding and Animal Breeding For Disease Resistance … Read more

Why Do Animal Breeders Need To X-Ray? (2023)


If you plan to set up a pet breeding establishment, you will have the duty of care to screen for health conditions in your animals. X-rays, as well as other medical and genetic tests, play a role here. You might want to perform an X-ray or ultrasound to know how many animals to expect in … Read more

How To Make Dogs Breed Successfully! (2023) 


Today we are going to talk about how to mate dogs breed successfully. So you want to be a dog breeder? Dog breeding is both a joy and a huge responsibility. To get it right, proper planning and preparation are required. If puppies have health issues or are brought back to you by dissatisfied buyers, … Read more

Best Animal Breeders Registration! (2023)


When it comes to buying and selling dogs, having a dog that’s registered with a breed organization is popular. These certificates show the purity of a dog’s bloodline. They can prove the authenticity of a dog’s breed and if a dog is purebred or a mutt. Many people use these to determine a dog’s worth.  … Read more

Will a Dog Breed While Bleeding? (2023)


Today we are going to talk about will a dog breed while bleeding, while most breeders wait until a dog is done bleeding to start breeding her, a dog can be bred while it is bleeding. Bleeding normally occurs right before a dog enters the estrous cycle. During this phase, the dog is the most … Read more

Is Animal Breeding Safe? (2023)


Animal breeding is very popular, especially for dogs. Other domesticated pets, such as guinea pigs, bunnies, and cats, are also subject to breeding. Farmers even breed livestock to keep their farms sustainable. Many animal rights advocates have begun to protest such practices. There are several reasons behind their disapproval, and we will discuss the disadvantages … Read more

8 Best Dog Breeds For Hog Hunting! (2023)


Hunting has always been a part of human culture, whether for necessity or sport. Humans have hunted alongside their canine companions for thousands of years. Methods have evolved slowly, but many hunters today prefer older traditions such as bow hunting or spear hunting.  Dog Breeds For Hog Hunting Methods like these often do best with … Read more