8 Best Belgian Malinois Breeders in the U.S.! (2024)

The Belgian Malinois breed is a medium size to a large-sized dog that has a Flemish origin. Sometimes, they are categorized as a Belgian Shepherd (like a smaller German Shepherd breed).

The name “Malinois” is gotten from the word “Malines,” which is the French name for the city of origin of this breed. This breed requires a high level of training, and with hard work, they become friendly, active, intelligent, and a lifelong partner.

The Belgian Malinois breed is used for various tasks such as search and rescue missions, detecting smells like accelerants for arson investigation, explosives, and narcotics, and tracking down humans for suspects’ apprehension in crimes.

They are one of the most athletic, energetic, and muscular dogs; therefore, they require the expertise of a professional breeder ineffective training for anyone who desires to have them, later on, to enjoy them efficiently. Check out our list of few breeders of the Belgian Malinois dog in the United States.

Reputable Belgian Malinois Breeders in the United States

1. Chien Policier Belgian Malinois


The Chien Policier, a Belgian Malinois breeder, was recently ranked in the United States as one of the leading10 Belgian Malinois breeders, according to the recently published Belgian Malinois book.

They have experience of importing, breeding, and training the Belgian Malinois for over twenty-five years. They have all of their dogs registered in foreign countries, in the United States, OFA certified, and DNA certified.

Also, they have passed the foreign hip/elbow test and have all been tested for degenerative myelopathy (DM). According to the breeder, “the Belgian Malinois has become a great commercial business, and this has resulted in Belgian Malinois with temperament issues, and genetic defects.

It is crucial to us to only breed Belgian Malinois that are health-tested, with excellent temperaments and no genetic defects. I want to be unique and breed stable and healthy Belgian Malinois that will work and also be great companions to families.

The Chien Policier, Belgian Malinois breeder’s primary goal is to breed a Belgian Malinois that possesses excellent health and a rock-solid temperament.

The Chien Policier, Belgian Malinois puppies, are micro-chipped, fully wormed, vaccinated, and they come with complete registration. Each of the puppies is regularly checked by their veterinarian, and they come with a hip/health guarantee when you purchase them. They are daily socialized and raised as part of the family.

Belgian Malinois Breeder Information:

2. KSDK Malinois


Tongtong Zhou owns KSDK Malinois. The kennel produces high-quality American Kennel Club (AKC) and Continental Kennel Club (CKC) Belgian Malinois. All of their breeding stock is genetically health tested, registered, and proven to be working dogs in tracking, protection, detection, and search and rescue.

The KSDK Malinois kennel sells high-quality Belgian Malinois puppies, started and trained dogs throughout the year. Also, they offer boarding services and pieces of training for puppies and dogs. They teach anywhere from obedience to specialized training, such as detection, tracking, protection, search, rescue, etc.

Belgian Malinois Breeder Information:

3. Mohawks Malinois


The Mohawks Malinois kennel breeds and trains Belgian Malinois to become great workers and can be home companions. They pride themselves on breeding and raising Belgian Malinois that is clear, stable, and driven. All of their dogs are bred from working lines of the excellent dogs in the United States and Europe.

The Mohawks Malinois dogs are bred and raised in a home setting from birth and regularly socialized with children, adults, and other animals. Their dogs are high drive with a stable temperament and a goal to ensure the suitable combination for a sport dog or a working dog.

The Mohawks Malinois dogs are currently involved in Police K9, Search and Rescue missions, and winning on the competition field. The breeders at the Mohawks Malinois kennel feel there is a creation of a more well-rounded dog by making it be part of the family.

However, if you desire to have your dog hang out with you instead of moving from the kennel to the training field and back to the kennel, then they have the dog or puppy for you.

Belgian Malinois Breeder Information:

4. Wolf bane k9


The Wolfsbane K9 kennel is a Belgian Malinois breeder with pups available for sale. Their dogs are currently in service throughout the globe, providing protection for high-level targets.

They have sold various Belgian Malinois of the Wolfsbane k9 to athletes, celebrities, government officials, and many others, but their goal is to help every client live their lives peacefully. Each of the dogs they sell is guaranteed in both performance and health, which brings about satisfaction for their clients.

The Wolfsbane k9 kennel specializes in dogs from Holland that possess the KNPV (KoninklijkeNederlandsePolitiehondVereniging) titles for both the adult male and female dogs so that they can be sold and also serve as breeders in the kennel.

They breed and see standard colored and rare solid black Belgian Malinois only. Whenever you purchase a dog from Wolfsbane K9 kennel, you will be given lifetime support for your dog at no extra charge.

When you have a question, they are available to attend to it, and they will help you resolve any issues that arise. They also offer custom pieces of training for their clients and worldwide delivery.

Belgian Malinois Breeder Information:

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5. Von Ayce Malinois


The Von Ayce Malinois kennel has been in the service of breeding Belgian Malinois for over fifteen years. They are known to provide top-of-the-line breeding of these dogs with an exceptional European bloodline. Their Belgian Malinois possess the extreme drive and come from some of the best European kennels.

These European Bloodlines are from Netherlands, Belgium, Serbian, and Czech Republic. They ensure to provide the right dog for the consumer through every litter, depending on each dog’s temperament and drive.

Their puppies are full AKC registered and microchipped. Puppies from their past litters are involved in competitions in Agility, French Ring, Schutzhund. They come from extreme intelligence and are adaptable for any purpose.

The Belgian Malinois are excellent guard dogs, K9 working dogs, and your overall best friend for your family. The Von Ayce Malinois breeding lines have ended up as working dogs in Therapy Dogs, Military, Service dogs, K9 Police Officers, Border Patrol, FBI, DEA, FEMA searching people, and Keeping you Company, Protection, and Family Pets.

According to the breeder, “this breed can adapt to any surrounding including families, kids, and the most known law enforcement.” The Von Ayce Malinois Puppies are imprinted and selected for the purpose intended. And are for sale with a complete AKC register form, Pedigree 3 generations, microchipped, current vaccinations, dewormed, and health guarantee.⁠⁠⁠⁠

Belgian Malinois Breeder Information:

6. Leash of honor LLC


Colleen Wargo is the breeder at the Leash of Honor LLC. The Leash of Honor LLC has been a breeder since 1995 and is an AKC Breeder with H.E.A.R.T. and member of various clubs, including; German Shepherd Dog Club of America, the German Shepherd Dog Club of Detroit, Inc., Birmingham Kennel Club, Inc.

The Leash of Honor LLC offers top-quality Belgian Malinois and Black German Shepherd puppies of AKC purebred.

All of their puppies are sold out with limited AKC registration, and they come with a started potty training, raised inside the home. Also, Colleen is a professional trainer and offers training tips via phone email for the lifetime of your newly adopted puppy.

All their puppies are vaccinated, dewormed, and seen by a licensed veterinarian before being sent to their new homes. They offer a 2-year health guarantee that covers hips and elbows and any genetic conditions or issues.

The puppies also come with a Pedigree lifetime of training tips and problem-solving for the life of your puppy. The Leash of Honor LLC kennel focuses on breeding for quality and wants to ensure each litter will be as healthy and robust as it can be.

Belgian Malinois Breeder Information:

7. Allpurpose k9


Allpurpose k-9 are breeders and trainers of personal protection dogs and the most elite Belgian Malinois puppies. They work with the best KNPV (KoninklijkeNederlandsePolitiehondVereniging) bloodlines that are found in Holland.

Allpurposek-9 kennel has very high standards, and they are very respected breeders of the Belgian Malinois and Dutch Shepherd breed. They specialize in these breeds because they are used by every government agency you can think of due to its to work and protect their loved ones at all times.

Their stud has outstanding offspring in Germany and Holland and all over the United States. They make personal flights to Europe to handpick their European imported dogs through additional testing, ensuring we select the best dogs available.

The dogs the AllPurpose k-9 kennel provides have been known to be protectors, loyal companions and provide top-notch security to families, entertainers, law enforcement agencies, private corporations, business executives, and professional athletes.

AllPurposek-9 guarantees the health and workability of every dog since they come from the purest of bloodlines found in Europe and are impeccably trained.

The carefully selected dogs are thoroughly evaluated psychologically and physically. Their x-rays are taken to ensure strong elbows and hips. They have titled and untitled personal protection dogs available throughout the year.

Whenever you purchase a trained dog, they require that you come to their facility for one week to learn how you would handle your dog, all of its commands, and prepare the dog to only respond to you. The pieces of training given to the dogs teaches them to be obedient and respond to your command.

Belgian Malinois Breeder Information:

8. Endeavour k9


Endeavour k9 is a new small kennel that has been registered with the CKC. And their goal at the kennel is about prioritizing quality over quantity. Since they also breed for themselves, they are producing to ensure they meet the highest possible standards.

The Endeavour K9 is committed to the breeding and raising of unique Belgian Malinois. Their puppies are Canadian Kennel Club Registered with the name Endeavour with a non-breeding agreement, 30 days free health care from Trupanion, dewormed, microchipped, vaccinated, and health checked by their veterinarian before going to their new homes at 10-12 weeks.

As a Belgian Malinois breeder, the Endeavour k9 kennel is committed to raising clear-minded, mentally stable, and superior trainable Malinois. They care about preserving the health of this breed which is why their dogs are health tested before breeding. All of their breeding dogs are accomplished and titled in their perspective training.

Their puppies can actively train and compete in various venues, including Police work, Search and Rescue, Sport Detection, Agility, IGP, and other Protection Sports, and various Obedience performance events.

Each bred litter is nurtured on Puppy Culture, and each pup is attended to and taken care of individually as it grows through its developmental levels. It is adequately socialized in various environments while they live at the kennel to ensure a confident and stable adult dog of the Endeavour K9.

Belgian Malinois Breeder Information:

Conclusion For The Best Belgian Malinois Breeders in the U.S.

The Belgian Malinois breed excels at herding, obedience, protection, agility, and tracking activities. They demand to be actively engaged with their owner both physically and mentally.

The Belgian Malinois is bred to be taught, assigned tasks, and then perform at the highest possible levels of their abilities, both physically and mentally. However, to enjoy this breed, you have to consider and do your research to adopt one from a quality breeder.

The temperament or personality of the Belgian Malinois has a strong influence on the genes, but how it is raised and nurtured is vital to its growth. A Belgian Malinois that is well-bred and raised NOT fearful, NOT aggressive for no reason.

Therefore, you need to go through our list, choose the breeder that suits you based on the information we have provided, and contact them. Enjoy your experience of having a Belgian Malinois dog.

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