5 Best Golden Retriever Breeders in Texas! (2024)

The American Kennel Club (AKC), has stated that the Golden Retriever is the third-most-popular dog breed in the United States. It’s no surprise that many people seek after the breed seeing how intelligent and loyal they are. If you’re living in the big state of Texas, you can find reputable Golden Retriever breeders around you. Here is a compilation of the best breeders in Texas!

Top Five Golden Retriever Breeders in Texas

Since the Golden Retriever dog breed is very popular, you’ll likely find tons of backyard breeders and puppy mills. Most of them only care about money and, therefore, you cannot trust them. Purchasing a pup from a random breeder may result in you going home with an unhealthy dog. You don’t want that.

Good breeders provide a health guarantee, health-check the parent dogs, and allow you to tour their facilities. Don’t be in a hurry to purchase a pup from a breeder if he offers a lower price. You may end up paying less initially but more later on due to medical issues. If you are looking for reputable breeders in Texas, we’ve compiled a comprehensive breeder list.

After our independent research, we’ve come to the conclusion that these Golden Retriever breeders are not backyard breeders or puppy mills. Feel free to research on your own, and while at it, don’t forget to ask the breeder many questions.

1. Texas TLC Goldens


Texas TLC Goldens is located north of San Antonio and is owned and operated by a small individual breeder. So if you’re looking for a reputable breeder around Bulverde, Texas, this AKC-registered Golden Retriever Breeder will take care of your needs. Texas TLC Golden Retriever pups enjoy undivided attention and thrive in a loving atmosphere.

This breeder produces healthy puppies, which are not just pets, but great family companions. They ensure that their pups are well-socialized, which is a great way to keep them healthy. Before you purchase a pup at Texas TLC Goldens, they will meet you in person. That way, they ensure that their pups go to the best homes.

Like many reputable breeders, Texas TLC has a waiting list for prospective puppy buyers. You’ll have to pay a deposit of $300 to be put on this list. Texas TLC offers both the American Golden Retriever and English Crème Golden Retriever for an affordable price. However, a 3.5% discount applies for cash buyers, and veterans who have been deployed also enjoy a military veteran discount.

Texas TLC Golden Retrievers throw in a welcome kit when you pick up your new puppy. The kit comprises a leash, collar, care instructions, and dog food. Texas TLC Golden Retrievers pups come microchipped and with their worming records and a puppy guarantee valid until their 26th month of age. The Golden Retriever puppies in Texas will get all their initial shots before you can take them home.

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2. Alpha Golden Retrievers Texas


Alpha Golden Retrievers are a well-known breeder located in Sealy, Texas, known for raising well-socialized pups. This breeder is an AKC Certified, which means that they, not a puppy mill. Alpha raises their Golden Retriever pups in a clean and healthy environment. They purchase most of these pups before birth.

Being a reputable breeder, Alpha has a waiting list for people who want to adopt their puppies. So if you live in Texas and you want to adopt a Golden Retriever from them, it will likely take you a few months. But you’ll end up with a healthy pup. One thing you should know about this breeder is that they care about their puppies.

Alpha does not sell its pups to just anyone. They always ensure that the dog is going to a loving home where he will receive all the care it needs for a lifetime. If you’re looking to adopt from them, get ready for an interview. That’s how Alpha ensures that you will take good care of the dog, and he won’t end up in a rescue.

Alpha Golden Retrievers offers you breeding rights at an additional price if you want to start your own breeding program. Also, if you request that the pups be micro-chipped before you purchase them, Alpha will do that for you. Once you purchase and register your new pup with AKC, this breeder will give you a 30-day pet insurance certificate.

However, purchasing a Golden Retriever from this breeder requires that you go to Sealy and pick up your pup. They don’t ship puppies. Before you go with your new dog, Alpha ensures that he gets the first set of shots and is dewormed three times. Your dog will also come with all appropriate and required documentation.

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3. Weatherby Goldens Texas


WeatherbyGoldens focuses on breeding English Créme Golden Retrievers. Their dogs are known for their intelligence and excellent conformation. With a large wooded area for breeding, Weatherby Golden Retrievers have enough room to play and explore. Exercise keeps them happy and healthy.

Purchasing a pup from this breeder gives you one with champion bloodlines. Weatherby Golden Retrievers are all imported from Europe and registered with AKC.

They make great pets and family companions. Once you purchase a Weatherby Golden Retriever, they’ll provide all the needed documents. The puppies get their first set of shots and are microchipped.

Once a litter is born, this breeder allows minimal contact with people, excluding the littermates, their mother, and the breeder. This ensures that the puppies’ immune system matures and reduces stress on the dogs.

Once the puppies grow up to the weaning stage, they start potty training. This way, the dogs will get used to the smells, sounds, and ruckus of a home before moving to their new homes.

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4. Goldenwind Golden Retrievers


Located in Allen, Texas, Goldenwind Golden Retrievers has been in the game since 1997. Over the years, this breeder has become one of the best in the state. Goldenwind is an AKC Breeder of Merit registered with the Golden Retrievers Club of America. Breeding is a full-time job for Goldenwind, and they are well-devoted to ensuring that their pups get all the care and attention they need.

This breeder takes good care of the pups once a litter is birthed. So, if you’re looking to get a new pup from them, you’re sure it will be a healthy one. Goldenwind has recorded a couple of achievements over the years. Some of their Golden Retrievershavebecome AKC title dogs, earning titles like Outstanding Dam, Show Dog Hall of Fame, etc.

So, buying a Golden Retriever pup from this breeder gives you a dog with championship bloodlines. Goldenwind Golden Retrievers have many affiliations and credentials. They often partner with other breeders. Their pups are affordable, and they come with a spay/neuter contract and an AKC Limited Registration.Goldenwind Golden Retrievers does not ship pups.

Their puppy buying process requires you to send an essay question. Based on the responses they get, Goldenwind will send invites to customers. Once you get an invite, you can now attend a compulsory meet and greet with your dog. This ensures that the pups go to the most loving families.

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5. Carmel Bliss Golden Retrievers Texas


This small breeder is located outside of Dallas in Texas and focuses on breeding healthy and athletic pups. Carmel Bliss Golden Retrievers ensures that all dogs are health-tested both genetically and orthopedically using different techniques. They are certified and cleared by the OFA and Pennhip, so they check the parent dog’s heart, hips, and elbow.

With over 16 years of experience in breeding Golden Retrievers, Carmel Bliss is one of the top breeders in Texas. Their pups have gone on to become great service dogs, hunters, therapy dogs, and family dogs.

To ensure that pups go into their new homes with minimal stress and anxiety, this breeder introduces each puppy to neurological stimulation and desensitization to various textures, sounds, positions, and people.

Carmel Bliss also carries out area training before the pups open their eyes. This way, the Golden Retriever will learn how to go to the bathroom and stay clean afterward. He will also get used to specific smells. You can purchase a pup at Carmel Bliss for an affordable price, but additional costs apply when you request breeding rights.

If you want this breeder to breed your dog, you’ll have to pay for it. They also allow you to pay in installments while purchasing your Golden Retriever.

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Conclusion For The Best Golden Retriever Breeders in Texas

Golden Retriever pups are so popular in Texas and many new backyard breeders and puppy mills spring up every day. That is why you must get yourself informed before beginning your journey of adopting a pup.

We recommend that you go through our list of reputable Golden Retriever breeders. It should help you get the perfect little pal for you!

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