5 Best Great Dane Breeders in California! (2024)

Finding a genuine Great Dane breeder in California for the first time might be a challenging task, considering that not all breeders are ethical, legitimate, or professionally recognized. You’ll have to do a thorough search and evaluate all the potential breeders to own an easygoing, healthy, and happy Great Dane puppy, that comes from a reputable breeder.

Luckily, we’ve done most of the legwork for you and have researched the five best Great Dane Breeders in California.

Great Danes are quickly gaining popularity among many dog enthusiasts. Their structure, smooth coats, and refined curves are captivating to the eye. The moment you look at this show dog, the more you’ll fall in love with its slender appearance, and strides of nobility.

If you are on the hunting for a powerful dog that’s patient, affectionate, friendly, dependable, and good with kids, get a Great Dane. These gentle and people-pleasing dogs are perfect for a family setting not just as companions but also as home guardians.

Ready to look for a Great Dane? Here’s a list of some of the highly recommended Great Dane breeders in California worth checking out. Scroll down to see what they have to offer!

1. Ca Euro Danes of California


The owner, Kim had a childhood love for the Great Dane’s masculinity and it eventually inspired him to establish Ca Euro Danes. Their first breed was an American Great Dane, but for the last 13 years, the breeder is known for raising and training a wide selection of well-researched quality European Great Danes.

Unlike other breeders, Ca Euro Danes of California don’t crossbreed. You can be sure you’re getting a 100% pure European Great Dane with perfect conformation and temperament. They nurture every litter to socialize the big dogs so they can fit into any family setting.

When ready to place a booking for these lovely and socialized dogs, you should make a $500 non-refundable deposit, and have the balance clear before the Dane ships to you (at 8 weeks old) or alternatively pay in cash during pick-up.

The standard cost for shipping in the United States is $500, but other destinations vary based on the dog buyer’s location. The shipping charges include vaccines, kennel, vet travel certificate, travel fees, absorbent beddings, water, and food.

Furthermore, there are extensive safety measures in place to ensure the dogs stay healthy; each potential customer has to pass background checks before visiting the dogs’ kennel at the breeder’s home.

The breeder also shares Great Dane pups for sale on the website, email, or Facebook. Ca Euro Danes of California has acquired AKC registration and sells only AKC-certified puppies.

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2. Great Danes of Lore


With long-standing experience dating back to 1985, Great Danes of Lore strive to offer Danes that meet required breeding standards. This reputable AKC-certified breeder takes pride in breeding quality, healthy and prize-winning dogs.

Great Danes of Lore has achieved various awards for raising the best breeds across California, and with this, an assurance they’ll give you the best puppy.

The puppies get the required attention, care, and vaccinations to grow up to be both healthy and brawny. The breeder also maximizes the puppy’s training to master a plethora of commands at a young age. This ensures you buy a noble and kind family pet.

The founder, madam Lorraine Matherly, mentions that she wouldn’t have established many relationships she has to date or traveled around the world if it were not for the Great Danes’ in her life.

For that reason, she’s committed to conserving this breed and ensures you get a versatile Dane that welcomes strangers into their home with a wagging tail and a happy-go-lucky demeanor.

Whether you want to buy a Great Dane puppy or an older dog, feel free to contact this breeder for a healthy, strong, and muscular Great Dane. Great Danes of Lore welcomes everyone seeking dog support and help.

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3. Neet Danes


Neet Danes focus more on breeding puppies that match the new owner’s specific attributes such as family settings, living conditions, and pet goals—their puppies all have unique capabilities and personalities. By working together with other family members, the breeder does all it can to uphold its legacy in breeding quality, charming, and champion pedigree Great Dane puppies in California.

This breeder offers more than just puppies that boast good health and longevity; they breed and train their dogs for therapy, service, and other custom purposes. That explains why most of their dogs have earned a Canine Good Citizen certificate, making this breeder stand out in particular!

Neet Danes also rescues, trains, and nurtures dogs to ensure they are safe and sociable for adoption.  Dog breeding, rescuing, and placement come with a serious commitment that requires specific skills and knowledge. The breeder enhances their breeding expertise by attending various local and international programs on dog breeding, health, and anatomy.

The breeder’s mission is to keep improving this breed and never reproduce Great Danes puppies that exhibit health issues or lacks essential qualities. You can count on them for a well-bred and trained Great Dane. Interestingly enough, the breeder won’t hesitate to accept back any dog from their kennel that doesn’t meet the new owner’s expectations.

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4. Paxton Great Danes


A loyal and affectionate Dane inspired the creation of Paxton Great Danes in 2002. Since then, the breeder has committed to raising compassionate and healthy Great Dane progenies. They aim to conserve and continuously improve this breed by cautiously researching and screening to detail all their Great Dane pedigrees before breeding.

Paxton Great Danes strive to raise Great Dane pups that meet or surpass the OFA/CHIC, and GDCA set standards. All their litters come spayed, neutered, trained, and with microchip identification. More so, you’ll get the vaccination records, health certificate, AKC certificate, and a purchase agreement.

Every Paxton Great Dane’s litter is a great ambassador of the kennel and their breed category. Rearing Great Danes is more of a hobby to this breeder. Their dogs are perfect for shows, companionships, and home safety. It’s because the breeding process here maximizes focus on the pups’ structure, temperament, health, and long life.

Do you desire to own a puppy from a breeder with a track record of breeding quality and healthy Great Danes? Then this is the breeder for you.  Since the kennel doesn’t breed in large numbers, their litters are limited to the placed orders. However, if they don’t have puppies for sale, they’ll refer you to a reputable source.

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5. Paradise Great Danes


With 49 solid years of breeding, training, and showing Great Danes in California, Paradise Great Danes boasts plenty of experience, translating to a comprehensive understanding of this breed’s pedigree, breeding, and health requirements.

Joan and Vincent, the kennel founders, have had the honor of raising highly valued and prize-winning Danes. Having played a key role in many Great Dane shows—from specialized categories to junior and international level, the breeder has had the privilege of showcasing Great Danes in various competitive settings.

In fact, this Great Dane breeder in California has a record of 26 champions in various categories, with some of their winning Danes being owner-handled. With a membership to the Great Dane Club of Northern California and Great Dane Club of America, Paradise Great Danes understand the professional breeding standards and procedures– guaranteeing well-trained and tested champions.

If you wish to deal with an authentic and informed Great Dane breeding veteran, Paradise Great Dane is a perfect choice. Getting a puppy from them means owning a dog that’s well evaluated based on the breed’s conformation, health, and genetics.

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Choosing the Best Great Dane Breeders in California

Before you’re ready to purchase your Great Dane, you want to be sure you’ve picked the best breeder.

Look for a trustworthy and responsible breeder who will:

  • Agree to meet up or have the puppy brought to you while following humane guidelines.
  • Not agree or give cheap deals (Quality Dane puppies might range from $1,500 – $3,000).
  • Educate you more about the breed before talking business.
  • Present the dog’s pedigrees.
  • Give all the relevant clearance documents.

Pay close attention to the breeder’s details. Are they certified, reputable, and experienced? Again, do they offer guarantees and professional follow-ups?

Your breeder must also be committed to providing Great Danes that conform to the required standards—perfect health, great temperament, and no joints or cartilage complications. Ensure you check online reviews to know what previous buyers have to say about the breeder.

Conclusion on Best Great Dane Breeders in California

It’s an unfortunate reality that puppy mills and backyard breeders try to pose as reputable AKC-certified Great Dane breeders, instead of those who are genuinely dedicated to conserving and improving this breed.

But with the above top 5 recommendations of the best Great Dane breeders in California, there’s hope for getting a certified Dane that meets your specifications and budget. Good luck in your search for a Great Dane with the best structure, temperament, health, and longevity!

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