How Old Do Male Dogs Have To Be To Breed? (2024)

Today we are going to talk about how old do male dogs have to be to breed? If you are planning to breed your dog, it’s a good idea to know the proper age to start. Breeding your dog at the right age will not only ensure the breeding is successful, but it could also help ensure the health of the puppies.

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At What Age Can A Male Dog Breed?


The first breeding usually occurs between the ages of six and twelve months in male dogs. Breeding occurs after a female dog’s first heat cycle, which is later than breeding occurs for male dogs. It is only after the age of 18 months that female dogs are suitable for breeding. The first year of a dog’s life is considered its puppy years.

How Old Can A Male Dog Breed?


It is forbidden for your dog to breed after a certain age. A veterinarian usually recommends 8 years of age. You can breed your dog up to different age groups depending on its gender. At a young age, male dogs begin breeding and breed for a long time until they retire from breeding. After a certain age, male dogs cease producing sperm, or healthy sperm, to breed.

There is still a great deal of consideration to be made when it comes to the maximum breeding age of a dog. An average of 10 years has been recorded as the age at which male dogs stop breeding. It is time to stop breeding your dog after he reaches 10 years old.

How Young Can A Male Dog Breed?

In most cases, male dogs start breeding between 6 months and 12 months of age. A smaller breed of dog typically matures at six months of age and can start breeding right away. The sexual maturity of male dogs is generally earlier than that of female dogs. Due to that, they are capable of doing things earlier because of that.

Some breeds of dogs can start siring as early as five months of age, generally, those that are smaller in size. In the case of larger breeds of dogs, they won’t reproduce until two years of age. To mate a dog correctly, make sure he is fertile and has reached puberty. A variety of tests and physical assessments can be conducted by veterinarians to determine his fertility.

In addition to ensuring that he is in perfect health, ensure that he has reached puberty between 6 and 12 months of age. He appears to be interested in mating but hasn’t yet exhibited any signs of that. It is important to keep an eye on these factors. Most male dogs will be able to reproduce or have an interest in mating until they are at least a year old.

Ensure that your male dog is fertile and has reached puberty before mating him. Various exams and physical assessments can be performed by veterinarians to determine his fertility.

You should ensure that he has reached puberty between six and twelve months and is in excellent health. Do you see signs that he may want to mate with other females? The following factors should be kept in mind. It usually takes a year for a male dog to become truly fertile.

It may take a year-and-a-half for a young dog to reach its full maturity since they still need time to develop. A stud’s fertility lasts until the end of his life once he reaches this age. Some breeders may allow their mal dogs to mate up to five times a day, but this is not recommended and will result in the dog becoming exhausted.

What To Consider Before Breeding A Male Dog


If you are going to breed your dog, make sure it is capable of mating and producing healthy puppies. Here are some things to consider before you proceed with the breeding.

Overall Health

All health tests must be passed before a stud dog can be used for breeding. In addition to being disease-free, the stud should be physically fit to mount and mat a female. Male dogs, however, can lose some of their physical abilities as they age. When your dog is very popular, you can harvest sperm and use sperm collection kits for artificial insemination to obtain high-quality sperm.

Dogs should not be bred during their old age. Firstly, as the dog ages, his sperm loses vitality, viability, and motility. It is common for sperm counts to be low in early sexual maturity and late sexual maturity of a dog. In addition, after a dog breeds at an older age, they produce litters that are genetically weaker than those that were bred in his prime.


At least 11-12 months of age should be the minimum age for male dogs to be bred. Male dogs should only be bred when they are two years old and cleared for breeding. Many health tests cannot be run on dogs until they are two years old.

Infertility in male dogs can be caused by being too young, too old, having low sperm counts, or having a disease or disorder that affects their reproduction.

Breeding should only be undertaken once you have confirmed your dog is fertile and capable of mating with a female dog. To confirm your dog’s fertile status, your veterinarian can examine your dog’s genital area and run tests.


Especially if your dog is not a pure breed, you should also have genetic tests done. You can find a suitable mating partner for your dog based on his genetics, and you can also determine the genetic makeup of any puppies he sires.

Your veterinarian or a trusted online testing service can arrange for a genetic test. Genetic tests require a dog swab sample. Depending on the genetic test, the cost can range from $60 to $150. It is important to know the dog’s heritage so that you can determine whether they are more susceptible to certain diseases. Dogs don’t carry the gene for these diseases, however, so you cannot tell if they have them.


Even if such dogs have never been mated, Dog Ideas describes them as “proven”. Having a breeder who has years of experience showing you the ropes is crucial to success with dogs. However, when he isn’t interested, he ignores her signals.

It’s possible that he would walk around her and smell her, but he wouldn’t move or show any interest in it. The lack of experience can be one of the many reasons a male does not want to have sex with a female. Male dogs in their first coitus operation may not know what to do in these cases since they have never interacted with a female before.

When Can Male Dogs Breed?


A male dog can be bred an unlimited number of times, regardless of his age. The number of litters a male dog can have is unlimited, unlike female dogs who may only have a few litters throughout their lifetimes. It is recommended that the male sperm is collected regularly about once a week to ensure good quality sperm.

Sperm stores in male dogs are replenished between each breeding session affecting sperm quality or quantity. The practice has been tested and proven to produce excellent breeding outcomes without compromising quality.

The male sperm can also be collected multiple times with no effect on quality or quantity when a high volume breeding is necessary for a short amount of time. Male dogs are generally recommended to wait a certain amount of days according to the size of their scrotums and the width of their thighs.

A smaller dog’s scrotum will have less sperm than a larger dog’s and, as a result, can only produce sperm of good quality for three straight days; on the other hand, bigger dogs can produce sperm that is healthy for five days straight.

To keep the quality of the sperm high, it’s best to only collect the sperm every other day to maintain a regular cycle of collecting sperm. Otherwise, the demand for sperm will not be met.

What Are The Signs a Male Dog Is Ready To Breed?


It is possible to notice signs of a male dog ready to breed. Female dogs usually exhibit these symptoms when in heat, especially when nearby.

It can take a few days to a few minutes for dogs to start courting and if they are very eager to breed, they will start right away, while others take a little while to get to know each other. The female dog’s receptivity to mating with the male is often determined by how ready she is.

Sudden Interest In Female

The act of mating is preceded by foreplay in dogs, as with humans. There is no standard duration for foreplay. Whether your four-legged friend is temperamental or persistent will determine the outcome.

Female dogs emit pheromones when they are in heat, which male dogs can detect. When a male knows a female is in heat, it will almost act crazy because it wants to mate with her so badly. Even inexperienced dogs will not be able to deny their instincts and will have a strong urge to mate.


There is a lot of sniffing, mounting, and getting to know each other among the dogs. Before mating, the female stands still, exposes her bottom to the male, and sticks her tail out to the side so that he can penetrate her. Before moving on to other phases of courtship, most dogs sniff each other for a while.


In front of the female, the male dog clings to the female’s loins with its front paws. As the male performs the mating act, his hind feet are on the ground in front of the female’s hind paws. The male’s hind paws are often used in the mating act by him as he prances on the ground. As well as lying on the female’s back, he restrains himself from moving.

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