6 Best Bernese Mountain Dog Breeders in California! (2024)

When you’re searching for reputable Bernese Mountain Dog breeders in California, it can sometimes be challenging. Have you decided to own a Bernese, and you’re now on the hunt for the best Bernese Mountain Dog breeders in California? We’ve got you covered and have done extensive research on the top breeders in California.

The history of the Bernese dogs (also Berner Sennenhund) makes them a favorite to many—this adorable furry companion originated from Berne City in Switzerland, hence the name Berner or Bernese. With plenty of Bernese dogs for sale in California, you can be sure to find the best breeder for your Bernese puppy. But first, let’s review what makes these dogs stand out in a crowd.

Bernese Mountain Dog Breed Info

Do you love strong and big dogs? The Bernese is your perfect choice. The dog’s 23 to 27.5 inches’ height might surprise you, but you’ll be amazed by its good temper and gentleness—no wonder they get along well with kids and the entire family.

Unlike most dog breeds, this Alpine breed remains friendly towards strangers while staying aloof. Bernese is one of the four mountain dog breeds. Its distinctive tri-colored long coat, black with white chest and rust-colored patterns above the eyes, are the breed’s hallmarks.

When it stares at you, you’ll notice a gleam of intelligence in its dark eyes. Bernese is a sturdy dog breed known for hard work and multitasking abilities from back to discovering mechanized farming and ranching. This affectionate, general farm dog helped Switzerland farmers herd cattle and keep predators away from the farmyards. It also thrives well in the cold. Its origin, physique, and muscular structure tell that it’s not the type you’ll want to keep cooped up in the house for too long.

Bernese Mountain Dog Puppies For Sale in California

Are you wondering where to acquire your next Bernese puppy? Here are some of the best Bernese Mountain Dog breeders in California to weigh and make a decision. Let’s take a look.

1. Sequoia Oaks Ranch


First on the list of Bernese Mountain Dog breeders in California is “Sequoia Oaks Ranch.” With over 20 years of extensive knowledge breeding and training dogs in California, Sequoia Oaks Ranch has what it takes to breed a healthy, energetic, and calm Bernese Mountain Dog that you’ll be happy to usher into the family.

Orange County, California, is where it all began before moving to their now perfect place for this dog breed—a ranch in Sierra Foothill, Northern California. This breeder’s five-acre ranch has adequate space for the puppies to exercise, awaken inborn energy for prey and play in the snow—a favorite environment for Bernese dogs.

Getting a puppy from Sequoia Oaks Ranch means you are buying a well-bred and nurtured Bernese Mountain Dog. Did we mention that there are cattle on the ranch? These dogs learn how to herd and chase away the hawks, vultures, raccoons, and possums that frequent the ranch while still young.

Suppose you are looking for a Bernese Mountain Dog that can actively keep predators away and still be an adorable and friendly companion to the family; Sequoia Oaks Ranch will always have the perfect puppy for you.

Bernese Mountain Dog Breeder Information:

2. Expressions of Grace


Expression of Grace is a certified Bernese Mountain Dog breeder with over 30 years of experience, and it’s known for breeding loving, happy and energetic Berners. The breeder ensures a safe and conducive environment for the puppies.

That’s why they inquire about where you’ll house the puppy and won’t let you take a Bernese Mountain Dog to an apartment setting. Before you take the puppy home, the breeder visits you to ascertain a conducive and safe environment for the awaited dog.

They’ll also want to be sure your young ones can relate with the puppy well. If you conceal information and try to raise the dog in the apartment, the breeder withdraws all guarantees. With $2,800, you’ll get a spayed Bernese Mountain Dog, along with verification documents.

For those planning to show or breed, the price is $3,500 and $1,200 for adopting a retired Berner dog. Advance payments are not accepted until there are Bernese puppies for sale. The puppies come vaccinated, dewormed, microchipped, and with AKC pedigree papers.

Bernese Mountain Dog Breeder Information:

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3. Magic Bernese Mtn. Dogs


The founding of Magic Bernese Mtn. was inspired by a lovely Bernese Mountain Dog, obtained by Bruce and Diance in 1982. The couple ensures each dog has a Tax ID number, is properly groomed, and exercises.

Being a Southern California Bernese Mountain Dog Club and Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America, the breeder assures that all puppies are healthy, strong, and well-tempered Bernese dogs. Their dedication to conserve and enhance this magnificent breed began in 2005 after acquiring four strong and healthy Bernese dogs from Holland, Canada, Denmark, and Belgium.

They’ve traveled to various places like Italy, France, Sweden, England, searching far and wide for the best breeding lines. Magic Bernese Mtn. The well-being of Bernese dogs here is of the utmost priority. They walk two miles each day and are consistently brushed and bathed.

These puppies’ exercises include walking on the underwater treadmill to keep these dogs’ cartilage and joints in perfect shape. The dogs are also great swimmers and tend to develop and maintain excellent muscle tone. If you are looking for a Berner that can hug, hike, and ski, while surpassing family demands, look no further!

Bernese Mountain Dog Breeder Information:

4. Southpaw Bernese Mountain Dogs


The journey for Southpaw Bernese Mountain Dogs began in 1999. Thanks to the prestigious Golden Gate Kennel Club dog show, the family brought home their first friendly, affectionate, and prize laureate Bernese Mountain Dog. The Bernese was a life-changer and inspired breeding of more Berners and their traveling excursions to various places in the US, Europe, and Canada, all searching for more puppies to establish the now Southpaw Bernese Mountain Dogs breeding line.

The breeder ensures the dogs are bred for the longevity of life and temperament. Treating each dog as a family and living with them under the same roof also contribute to their long lives and remarkable character. Ready for puppies trained and reared to live indoors and monitored to ensure maximum health and physical fitness? A Bernese from Southpaw Bernese Mountain Dogs is a top-paw pick.

Bernese Mountain Dog Breeder Information:

5. Rhapsody Bernese Mountain Dogs


Here comes another Bernese Mountain Dog breeding expert that has won the hearts of many. This small yet seasoned kennel is a registered breeder and has gained an outstanding reputation for breeding good-natured, calm, and accepting Bernese puppies. Rhapsody Bernese Mountain Dogs came as a birthday surprise seven years ago.

The Bernese breeding kennel gets its pack worldwide and hosts the award-winning, loving, and well-trained Bernese Mountain Dogs in their sweet home. The breeder ensures a terrific experience for every buyer while surpassing their expectations by providing giant but gentle and affectionate Bernese Mountain Dogs.

These dogs respond to basic commands with ease and have a great temperament. The breeder will also ensure you get a perfect puppy for you and your family, accompanied by AKC, pedigree, and health certificates.

Bernese Mountain Dog Breeder Information:

6. Best Bet Kennels


Last on the list of Bernese Mountain Dog breeders in California is “Best Bet Kennels.” The Best Bet Kennels, a California-based breeder, has exceptional Bernese puppies for you. Seating on eight acres, this private kennel breeds and rears all the litters indoors until they are old enough for outdoor exposure.

Keeping the young puppies inside protects and shields the puppies’ temperament and health. This approach to breeding makes Best Bet Kennels Bernese dogs friendly and easygoing with humans and animals alike.

Before breeding an adult Bernese, the breeder will evaluate the particular dog to ascertain its fitness to avoid incidences of dysplasia in their bred puppies. The Bernese Mountain Dogs are given love, proper care, and attention from the day they’re born. This is why these dogs can reciprocate affection and maintain a steady temperament in their new home. Contact the breeder for more information and reserve a Bernese that will fit in and bond with your family.

Bernese Mountain Dog Breeder Information:

Conclusion For The Best Bernese Mountain Dog Breeders in California

Opting to buy a Bernese Mountain Dog means you are ready to invest both financially and emotionally. Don’t be in a rush to pick a breeder until you’re confident they are responsible and trustworthy. The breeder you choose should also be comfortable with you taking your time in finding the best Bernese.

We also hope this article can help break down the costs and terms of owning a Bernese Mountain dog. With this list, you can be sure to find a breeder who will give you the best puppy and walk with you all through the dog’s life. Searching for a new furry friend should be exciting! We wish you luck as you bring your new Bernese puppy home.

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