4 Best Border Collie Breeders in California! (2024)

Dog enthusiasts are always searching for trustworthy Border Collie breeders in California because of the undying popularity of the Border Collie. Famous for its handsome looks, athletic build, and showmanship, the Border Collie effortlessly maintains its position as one of the most popular dog breeds in America.

Border Collies are notoriously hardworking, athletic, and intelligent dogs. They are also easy to train and have laser-sharp focus; they can stay occupied with a task for hours. Best of all, they are moderately shedding dogs and make perfect companions for individuals and families.

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Border Collie Puppies in California

The 4 Best Border Collie Breeders in California! (2022)

We have seen many breeders offering Border Collie puppies for sale in California, and we think it’s essential that you recognize genuine breeders from puppy mills. To help you avoid falling prey to puppy mills and backyard breeders, we’ve compiled a list of the 4 best breeders which guarantee happy and healthy Border Collie puppies in California. We’ve also listed the things to look out for in a breeder to help you make an informed choice.

1. Plascencia Borders

Plascencia Borders (Border Collie California)

Among California’s many reputable Border Collie breeders, Plascencia Borders believes in the motto ‘quality is more important than quantity. The breeder provides purebred Collie pups of the highest quality, focusing on their form and function. Their dedicated breeding program ensures that all puppies are healthy, well-tempered, and receive love and affection. Plascencia Borders is a recognized AKC Breeder with HEART and a member of the Border Collie Society of America.

All their puppies and dogs are raised inside their home among their five children and farm animals. The puppies are well-socialized, microchipped, vaccinated, and dewormed. Once adopted and ready to leave for their forever homes, the puppies are given a puppy starter kit, a small bag of puppy food, a new collar, and a blanket with their mom’s or littermate’s scent. Plascencia Borders provides a one-year health guarantee that also covers genetic health disorders. They also offer 30 days of Trupanion health insurance starting from the day you take your puppy home.

Plascencia Borders Details

2. Flying S Ranch Border Collies

Flying S Ranch Border Collies (Border Collie California)

Our second pick for Border Collie puppies for sale in California is a small hobby breeder called Flying S Ranch Border Collies. The breeder’s goal is to provide individuals and families with AKC-registered Border Collie puppies that are gorgeous, athletic, and highly intelligent. Flying S Ranch Border Collies whelp all their puppies in their home. After being weaned, they are transferred to an x-pen in the house.

The puppies are handled regularly, socialized with children, adult dogs, and other animals, and desensitized against everyday household noises and surfaces. The breeder also uses sound stimulation as a part of her enrichment training. All the puppies have their dewclaws removed, are dewormed, receive age-appropriate vaccinations, and are thoroughly examined by a vet before being sent home at eight weeks.

For an additional fee, the breeder also provides a single dose of Ponazuril, around-the-clock lifetime contact with the breeder, and a puppy nanny. Flying S Ranch offers a one-year health guarantee that also covers genetic defects. If you want to return your puppy at any point, the breeder encourages you to return it to the breeder to be re-homed (no refunds).

Flying S Ranch Border Collies Details

3. Aleannan Border Collies

Aleannan Border Collies (Border Collie California)

All the puppies provided by Aleannan Border Collies are hand-reared, well-socialized, and 99 percent potty trained by five weeks. This makes the transition from breeder to forever home easy and comfortable for both the puppies and pet parents. Besides being compassionate pets, their puppies are trained to compete in the conformation ring and exhibit great agility and obedience.

The breeder works closely with local shelters and rescues to find temporary homes for Border Collies. The facilities provided by the breeder include a large horse stall mat floor kennel, a puppy jungle gym, and a variety of toys and activities for mental and physical stimulation. The sleeping area and kennel contain a litter box for training, which is introduced at three weeks and completed by four weeks.

The enrichment practices used by the breeder are:

  • Potty training
  • Crate training
  • Basic puppy manners
  • Behavioral modification
  • Household desensitization to common stimuli
  • ENS
  • Puppy temperament evaluation
  • Car riding
  • Handling and grooming desensitization
  • Socialization with children, adult dogs, and other pets
  • Sound stimulation
  • Introduction to strangers
  • Confidence-building

Before going home, the puppies are dewormed at two, four, six, and eight weeks and receive their first vaccinations at 6 weeks. They are microchipped and sent with their adoptive parents along with their health/vaccination records, AKC Registration, a small bag of puppy food, a starter kit, and a blanket/toy with their mother’s or littermates’ scent.

Last but not least, Aleannan Border Collies is an AKC Breeder of Merit, AKC Breeder with HEART, a Professional Groomer, and Puppy Culture Breeder. They are members of the American Kennel Club Canine College, the Border Collie Club of Northern California, and the Kennel Club of Pasadena.

Aleannan Border Collies Details

4. Team Reeves Ranch

Team Reeves Ranch (Border Collie California)

And the last reliable breeder on our list of Border Collie breeders in California is Team Reeves Ranch. With an experience of more than 30 years of breeding Border Collies on a ranch, their puppies feature excellent temperaments, quality pedigree, exceptional physique, and top genetics. Team Reeves’s puppies are desensitized to tractors, vehicles, lawn mowers, strangers, children, cattle, and many other animals, so you can be sure these puppies are super confident and desensitized to various stimuli.

The breeder also uses Puppy Culture/ENS from an early age. Moreover, the puppies embark on a Zen puppy training approach from six weeks, during which crate and potty training are also initiated. In terms of health, all the puppies are routinely examined by a licensed veterinarian and receive age-appropriate vaccinations.

They have scheduled dewormings and are microchipped as well. Once cleared to go home with their pet parents, they are given an AKC Registration, a clean bill of health and vaccination records, a new collar, some puppy food, and a starter kit. Team Reeves Ranch provides a one-year health guarantee. If your adopted puppy develops a genetic defect within this period, you can either opt for a full refund of the purchase price or get a replacement puppy of the same value.

Team Reeves Ranch Details

Choosing a Border Collie Breeder in California

Choosing a Border Collie Breeder in California

Before choosing a breeder that provides good quality and healthy Border Collies in California, check their credentials and verify their personal information. Reputable breeders usually have a website where they’ve mentioned detailed contact information. Moreover, quality breeders are usually registered with local, state, and national dog clubs.

They proudly display their affiliations on their website and social media. You may ask the breeder for their registration number to verify their claim. Good breeders also have pictures and complete medical records of the parent dogs and upcoming litters so that prospective clients can choose and book their favorite puppy.

Once you have chosen a breeder, you can arrange to visit their breeding facility to see where the puppies are born and raised. You should also question the breeder about their dogs’ temperaments and personalities to assess how involved they are with their animals.

Most importantly, always check for health testing and guarantees. Most breeders provide a one to two-year health guarantee for their puppies that covers genetic defects, and some also offer refunds or replacements in case a puppy develops a health issue.

More Information About Border Collie Puppies in California

More Information About Border Collie Puppies in California

The Border Collie is an energetic dog waiting to be released into the world! It is one of the most intelligent, loyal, dependable, and docile breeds; however, it can become destructive and irritated if left alone with nothing to do for long hours. Border Collies require regular exercise (at least two hours every day) and take up any task given to them with complete determination.

Since they were originally herding dogs, they are unsuitable for apartments and require access to a large, fenced yard. A rather interesting feature of this breed is that they tend to stare, which is often quite intimidating for other animals!

Plus, given the opportunity, they will also playfully chase other pets and animals. Border Collies are reserved and are very protective of their loved ones. They have a moderately-shedding coat that needs to be brushed twice weekly, so grooming isn’t a big hassle.

Conclusion For The “Best Border Collie Breeders in California”

Conclusion For The "Best Border Collie Breeders in California"

California has many options for Border Collie breeders but knowing which ones are genuine breeders makes all the difference. Unfortunately, many puppy mills are taking advantage of the breed’s popularity by offering unhealthy puppies bred in deplorable conditions to make fast bucks.

The list of Border Collies breeders shared above only has AKC-registered breeders that are held in high regard within California. The AKC regularly inspects these breeders, so you can rest assured they maintain a high breeding standard.

We strongly suggest you verify each breeder and buy from credible sources to ensure you get a healthy puppy. Remember to give the puppies the same love and care they received during their breeding program. By doing so, you’ll have a lifelong companion!

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