3 Best German Shepherd Breeders In California! (2024)

If you’re looking to adopt a beautiful and brilliant German Shepherd puppy, you’ll be happy to know that there are many German Shepherd breeders in California. However, knowing which one to choose is the real challenge. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of German Shepherd puppies for sale in California from reputable and reliable breeders.

inherit;”>German Shepherds are famous among pet owners for their beautiful physique, responsible work ethic, and remarkable trainability. Moreover, their intellect, size, and devotion make them perfect candidates for service and police dogs. So, if you need a great companion and a great guide, check out the German Shepherd breeders listed below.

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1. Central Coast German Shepherds


Central Coast German Shepherds is the first breeder on our list of German Shepherd breeders in California because they feature some of the best West German Show Working Bloodlines in the world! The breeder specializes in raising and training superior-quality German Shepherd dogs and puppies that become exceptional family companions as well as excellent service and therapy dogs.

Central Coast German Shepherds strive to provide the best litter with every breeding to retain the high standards of the breed. All their breeding dogs are from Europe and live with them in their family home.

The dogs are desensitized to various common household stimuli such as the sound of vacuum cleaners and dishwashers, lights, textures, and music. All the puppies are handled daily and exposed to different environments; they are also taken on hikes, walks, and nature expeditions to satisfy their curiosity and stimulate their brain.

The enrichment methods used by the breeder include:

  • Biosensor training
  • Socialization with children, the elderly, adult dogs, and other animals
  • Early neurological stimulation (ENS)
  • Introduction to strangers in a safe environment
  • Climbing stairs
  • Car rides
  • Early crate training
  • Temperament imprinting evaluation
  • Exposure to wobble board and agility tunnel
  • Interaction with visitors

The puppies receive regular baths, ear cleanings, nail trimmings, and dewormings at four, six, and eight weeks. They are vaccinated with a ‘five-way’ vaccine at seven weeks and receive a complete medical evaluation by a vet.

Before going home, the puppies are given their complete medical/vaccination record, a puppy collar, AKC registration, and are micro-chipped. In addition, Central Coast German Shepherds provide a two-year health guarantee for all their puppies, covering Hip Dysplasia and genetic diseases.

They also provide lifetime client support and are registered with H.E.A.R.T., BAB Certified Puppy Evaluator, German Shepherd Club of America, and the American Kennel Club.

German Shepherd Breeder Information:

2. Zaragoza German Shepherds


Zaragoza German Shepherds are a small, family-owned dog kennel featuring beautiful West Show line German Shepherds. All their parent dogs are of European descent and come from incredible pedigrees with exceptional temperaments.

Throughout their breeding career, Zaragoza German Shepherds have competed in various shows around the US, and when they’re not competing, they volunteer in bite work protection training. While proud show dog owners, they also promise home-bred dogs that are ideal as companions.

The breeder ensures that all their puppies are well-trained and well-socialized with children, adult dogs, and other animals. They treat all their puppies and dogs with immense love and care and provide them with the best resources and facilities possible.

Some of the enrichment methods used by the breeder include basic mannerisms, early crate training, initial house training, desensitization to different surfaces, and sound stimulation. To make sure the puppies are well-tempered, they undertake a Volhard Personality Test supervised by a professional.

The breeder also makes sure to follow all puppy health protocols as recommended by veterinarians. Once ready to go home, the puppies are given their complete vaccination/medical record, a puppy collar, a blanket with their mom’s or littermate’s scent, a food starter bag, AKC Registration, and are micro-chipped.

Zaragoza German Shepherds provides an 18-month health guarantee that covers genetic conditions as well as general health problems such as Hip Dysplasia and Elbow Dysplasia.

German Shepherd Breeder Information:

3. Zwinger vom Roten Wald


The third credible entry on our list of German Shepherd breeders in California is Zwinger vom, Roten Wald. They are devoted to maintaining and improving the high standard of the breed with each new generation and provide well-tempered, well-socialized, and healthy puppies to loving families.

The breeder is registered with Alameda County Schutzhund Club, South County Schutzhund Club, San Jose German Shepherd Dog Club, Bay Area Schutzhund Club, Menlo Park Schutzhund Club, Outlaw Working Dog Club, German Shepherd Dog Club of America, and United Schutzhund Clubs of America. Hence, you can be sure of the credibility of their breeding program.

All of Zwinger vom Roten Walds’s puppies are handled lovingly by adults and children and are familiar with various household sounds, smells, and surfaces. They have been introduced to early crate training and are taught basic focus to initiate the engagement process of training.

In addition, all the puppies are dewormed, vaccinated, and receive regular health checkups before being sent to their forever homes. Some additional benefits included with the puppy are:

  • Medical/vaccination records
  • A small bag of food
  • A toy with their littermate’s or mom’s scent

While the breeder does offer a health guarantee, the duration and specifics can vary. However, the breeder offers Lifetime Live Phone Support from AKC Dog Trainers, a one-year subscription to AKC Family Dog magazine, a complimentary first visit to a veterinary clinic registered with the AKC Veterinary Network, and a complimentary 60-day free trial of the AKC Pet Healthcare Plan.

German Shepherd Breeder Information:

How To Choose German Shepherd Breeders In California?


Although many breeders are offering German Shepherd puppies for sale in California, knowing which breeder to pick makes all the difference. You must avoid backyard breeders and puppy mills and report any if you find out about them.

As you must have grasped from our list of breeders, good businesses always provide health testing and offer health guarantees covering genetic diseases. They vaccinate, deworm, and groom the animals and treat them as part of their family. They also take full responsibility for their animals and even offer to take them back or provide a refund if the owner has an issue.

Moreover, reliable breeders are open and honest. They provide complete information about themselves and their puppies.

Moreover, they encourage customers to ask as many questions as they like before making a purchase. They also invite customers to visit their facility and see firsthand where the puppies are raised and trained.

So always account for these essential aspects before choosing a breeder. Last but not least, look at reviews and testimonials from previous owners to assess the customer service and work ethics of the breeder.

More Information About German Shepherd Puppies In California

The German Shepherd, also known as Alsatian, is among America’s most famous dogs. This breed is intelligent, versatile, and hardworking. Their dedication and courage are unmatched.

When trained properly, these dogs can excel at almost anything; they make reliable and affectionate companion dogs, similarly exceptional guide and assistance dogs for the handicapped, service dogs for the police and military, search and rescue dogs, and drug detection dogs.

German Shepherds are energetic and intellectual dogs, so if you’re thinking of adopting one, give them the required physical and mental stimulation they need. Leaving them alone or tied for long periods will make them bored and agitated, and they might resort to barking, digging, or chewing to release their stress.

One particularly risky personality trait of German Shepherds is their aloofness to strangers. Hence, train your puppy from an early age to be well-socialized and exposed to different people and places. Moreover, obedience training is extremely important to tame their energetic nature and basic canine mannerisms.

Finally, bad news for those with allergies: these dogs have been nicknamed ‘German shedders’! They need brushing many times a week, and you’ll need a robust vacuum. Overall, German Shepherds are happiest indoors and around their loving family, but make sure you have a large, fenced backyard for them to run around and release some of their natural energy.

Conclusion For Best German Shepherd Breeders In California


German Shepherd puppies grow up to become beautiful and affectionate companion dogs and, with the right training, will also make ideal service dogs. These majestic creatures are balls of energy and require an owner that understands their daily requirement for mental and physical stimulation.

However, choosing a GSD puppy from the right breeder is critical to a happy and healthy relationship with your dog. You can contact the breeders listed above for more details about their breeding practices, breeding facility, and any other questions about German Shepherd puppies in California. The more you know, the better decision you will make!

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