10 Best Breeds Of Pigs For Pets! (2024)

Today we are going to talk about the best breeds of pigs for pets. Pigs may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you consider the best pet for you and your household. However, pigs are some of the most affectionate, clean, and intelligent pets. Pigs are playful and enjoy spending time in groups with other pigs, animals, or humans, and can make a great addition to a family.

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Pigs For Pets


Caring for pigs can be simple and doesn’t include much care, cost, and maintenance. Pigs are somewhat self-sufficient, and if they have enough space to play, roam, and shelter themselves, they will be happy outdoors or indoors.

Several breeds of pigs make excellent pets, including miniature pigs, African Pygmy pigs, and American Yorkshires. When many people think of pigs, they immediately think of food items like bacon and pork chops, but pigs are much more than food items. Pigs are sweet, gentle creatures who can smile, have a wide emotional range, and love spending time with those they adore.

Can Pigs Be Pets?


Pigs can be pets, and they make for lively companionship. Pigs can be trained and walked similar to a pet dog. Pigs are so intelligent that they can learn tricks and understand spoken commands. Although they may not be able to learn as much as a pet dog, they will still do their best to follow instructions and make their owners happy.

Pigs have only been domesticated in the United States in recent centuries, although pigs have been kept on farms in Europe for millennia, dating back as far as 9,000 years ago. However, pigs have always held a positive light, being a symbol of wealth, good fortune, and gentleness in China since the Neolithic age.

What Care Do Pigs Need?

The larger the pig, the more care and maintenance it will need. The first thing a pig of any size will need is plenty of space. Ideally, a pet pig will need a location that has plenty of access to the outside world. A large, fenced-in yard is ideal for pet pigs as they will need sunlight, a place to relax, and a place to eat.

Miniature pigs may not require as much space but should still have access to the outdoors and a good-sized yard to enjoy. 

Pigs will require yearly visits with a vet after they have been given all their vaccines as a baby. Daily toothbrushing can prevent tooth decay, and your pet pig will also require yearly hoof trimming between their first and second birthday to discourage damage to themselves and others.

Pigs should have a steady diet of real pig pellets formulated with the vitamins and nutrients they need to remain healthy, including vital amino acids. However, pigs will also eat nearly anything leftover from a family meal. Feed your pig safe vegetable scraps like lima beans, green beans, sweet potatoes, zucchini, and peppers to help them maintain a healthy weight.

The Benefits Of Pigs As Pets


There are many advantages to taking on a pig as your family pet. Not only are pigs affectionate and loving, but they can also be trained. Pigs are highly intelligent and have a broad capacity for emotions, thought, and understanding. Adopting a pig as your pet can give you and your family companionship without the dangers of allergies or messes.

Small pigs can often behave like dogs and play, engage in puzzles, and cuddle just like small dogs might.

Pigs Are Highly Intelligent And Cleanly

Some breeds of pigs can be more intelligent than some breeds of dogs and may be able to solve puzzles, escape their enclosures, and communicate with those around them. Pigs are also clean animals that enjoy keeping themselves away from mud, dirt, and messes. Given the opportunity, a pig will stray from dirty places and lay in dry, maintained areas of their enclosure or farm.

Pigs Are Non-Allergic

Pigs don’t typically have hair, aside from the Pygmy breed. Because of the lack of hair, pigs are non-allergenic and will not trigger allergies in anyone they contact. Pigs do not shed hair or dander and will not leave behind anything to trigger sneezes.

The Pygmy pig has short hair in a single, thin layer. Although a Pygmy may leave behind some dander and hair, they do not shed often and are not an allergenic animal.

Pigs Are Social and Affectionate

Pigs love being surrounded by people, other animals, and small children who love to play. Pigs enjoy the rambunctious nature of companionship and will spend plenty of time playing games, running around the backyard, and spending quality time with the family.

Many young pigs may also enjoy playing with children so much that they allow young kids to pick them up, pose them as dolls, and run with them. Pigs will also show affection like dogs. Like dogs, pigs will lean on you, whine or grunt, nudge you with their snout, or lay on your lap for your attention.

The Best Breeds Of Pigs For Pets


There are dozens of breeds of pigs, and each has its characteristics and behaviors. Some pigs are miniature and do not get very big. Others can take up a whole twin bed by themselves. You and your household should decide how much room you have to dedicate to your pet pig, what size pig you’d like to have, and if there are any specific concerns with certain breeds.

Look through our list of the best breeds of pigs for pets to see which breed is the best for your family and household.

1. Vietnamese Pot-bellied

The Vietnamese pot-bellied pig is one of the most common breeds of pigs for pets. This pig can weigh anywhere from 150 to 200 pounds and is often used in shows and at festivals in competitions. There are miniature breeds that weigh fewer pounds and take up less space.

This pig breed is very intelligent and has a silly and bubbly personality, enjoying time cuddling and showing affection.

2. Kunekune

Kunekune pigs can have spots, round bellies, and short, stubby legs. These pigs are affectionate and smile frequently. Kunekune pigs love to spend quality time with their owners and can be mischievous.

3. Hereford

Hereford pigs are medium to large pigs and can weigh hundreds of pounds. Hereford pigs will need plenty of outdoor space to graze and play but can be very affectionate and loving to their owners. These gentle creatures are quiet and enjoy simple pleasures like laying down, relaxing, and watching the world around them.

4. Tamworth

Tamworth pigs are large and can weigh hundreds of pounds. Like an American Yorkshire pig, a Tamworth pig is similar to the type of pig you may see on television or in movies. These pigs have a golden, red, or dark red color and prefer clean areas. However, they don’t mind getting dirty if it means playing, getting to a meal, or accomplishing a goal.

Tamworth pigs are known to escape their enclosures if they get bored, so strong fencing is required. Tamworth pigs prefer land that has plenty of trees for shade.

5. Juliana


Juliana pigs are ideal pets for families because they are small, require little care, and love being social. Juliana pigs were bred to be the perfect companion and be quiet and docile. This pig breed loves spending time with people, playing games, and meeting new friends.

Juliana pigs are happiest when going for walks, seeing new sights, and enjoying the world with their families.

6. American Yorkshire

American Yorkshire pigs are the classic, pale pink pigs you may see in television shows or on a farm. These pigs are inquisitive, clean, and have a sharp hearing. An American Yorkshire pig is very intelligent and can be smarter than many breeds of dogs.

Most families may have trouble accommodating the size of an American Yorkshire pig because it can weigh hundreds of pounds. However, with plenty of space and the right food, an American Yorkshire can make a lively companion.

7. Mini Pig

Mini pigs are small, smart, and lively animals. This breed of pigs enjoys a structured life and training. While they thrive on attention, they also enjoy their leisure time and will love a sunny window to lay in front of. Mini pigs are not aggressive and will be the first at the front door to welcome visitors.

8. Yucatan

Yucatan pigs are docile and will follow instructions easily. However, they also love being active, running around, and enjoying the open outdoors. Yucatan pigs can be as tall as 36 inches when mature, and live for around 15 years.

Yucatan pigs do not have hair or fur, making them ideal for homes where allergies are present and prevalent.

9. Hampshire

Hampshire pigs have plenty of muscle but are not known to be aggressive. This pig has a unique color pattern with a simple white stripe around the upper body while the rest of its body is black. Hampshire pigs are friendly and have no qualms about greeting new people they meet. These pigs also enjoy a clean environment.

10. Pygmy

The Pygmy pig was once thought to be extinct but has recently made a comeback to the wild. This pig is the world’s tiniest pig, making it one of the best options for a household pet. This pig is only 10 inches tall and has small, delicate hooves and a narrow face. A Pygmy has small ears and a thin layer of fur to keep it warm.

Conclusion For Best Breeds Of Pigs For Pets


Pigs can make for fantastic, intelligent, and loving companions. Pigs are deeply social and adore spending time with other animals and humans. If you have a big, rambunctious family with plenty of children, you may want to consider getting a pig since they will enjoy playing, engaging in activities, and spending time cuddling with the family.

Pigs are also non-allergic and will not cause allergies to flare up and cause health issues for anyone in the household. Pigs are clean and enjoy being in a space that is not cluttered, dirty, or smelly. Although this stereotype is common, pigs prefer clean areas and will steer clear of dirt and mud, if possible.

Choosing the right pig breed for your family pet can be challenging, but looking through our list of the top pig breeds for pets can help make the choice simple. Some pig breeds are large and can take up a lot of space, while others can be as small as a tiny dog. Regardless of which breed you choose, your pet pig can bring you hours of happiness, cuddles, and companionship.

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