8 Best Dog Breeds For Hog Hunting! (2024)

Hunting has always been a part of human culture, whether for necessity or sport. Humans have hunted alongside their canine companions for thousands of years. Methods have evolved slowly, but many hunters today prefer older traditions such as bow hunting or spear hunting. 

Dog Breeds For Hog Hunting


Methods like these often do best with a good hunting dog, of which countless types exist. For hog hunting, either a bay dog or catch dog comes along for the hunt. We will describe the best hog dog breeds in the article below. 

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What Is Hog Hunting?


Hogs and Boars are known as a pest in many areas, with populations overtaking deer in states like California. They often carry diseases and can be quite destructive. Due to this, regulations on hog hunting are generally pretty minimal. Indeed, in many US states, hog hunting has become a year-round pass time. 

Some states do not require a hunting license as you do for other animals, so long as you have landowner permission. Most landowners would be thankful to have the invasive species off their property. After all, these creatures are prone to soiling water sources, tearing up gardens, and ripping up tree stumps in their search for food. 

Wild boars can be very dangerous, as they have a reputation for being aggressive towards humans. They can be up to three feet tall and weigh anywhere from 200 to 500 pounds. Their size and aggression alone are enough to pose a risk, but combine this with their formidable, sharp tusks, and an attack could be fatal. 

Dogs are used to corner the hog and keep them in one spot long enough for the hunter to arrive. Hogs have a very keen sense of smell and decent hearing too. However, their sight is not quite up to par, so following them from a distance is usually the way to go. Using a bow or firearm is the safest option to deal with a boar since you can do so from afar. 

“Pig sticking” is the method of using a spear to make the kill, and it was pretty popular in ancient times. It is critical to use a specialized boar hunting spear with a strong cross guard to prevent the hog from charging and killing its attacker, even after it has been impaled. 

Best Dogs For Hog Hunting


Two categories of hunting dogs do best when used against hogs; bay dogs and catch dogs. It’s not uncommon to use both of them together. Generally, boar hunters go out in groups with three or four dogs. 

Bay dogs are trained to track and find their prey and then “bay,” howl, or bark to alert the hunter from a safe distance. They may encircle the hog and keep it in place while barking continuously until the hunter arrives. Breeds for bay dogs are typically those best at tracking and herding, such as the Rhodesian Ridgeback, Blue Lacy, Black Mouth Cur, and Foxhounds. 

Catch dogs will have to physically restrain the boar, usually following the bay dogs and going in for an attack. They are often trained from bully breeds, such as the American Bulldog, Pitbull, Mastiff, and Dogo Argentino. A standard method used by catch dogs is to latch onto the boar’s ear from the side to avoid the tusks, holding it in place for the hunter. 

Best Bay Dog Breeds


While many different breeds can go through the proper training to be good hunting dogs, several specific kinds seem to produce the best results. These have undergone training for centuries, and their instincts have honed over generations. Breeds that can track, find, and corner prey make the best bay dogs. 

1. Rhodesian Ridgeback

Also known as the African Lion Hound, Rhodesian Ridgebacks have roots in South Africa as far back as the 16th Century. African tribes were known for their dogs with hair that grew in the wrong direction down the spine, thus inspiring the name Ridgeback.

Locals knew this breed to be an excellent companion, good with kids and other canines. They were protective of their territory and would help protect farms and homes from predators. 

Rhodesian Ridgebacks are energetic and need plenty of outside time and exercise. Their short coats are excellent for traveling through the brush without getting stuck or tangled and are less likely to hide ticks and other pests. They have a powerful “prey drive,” and it doesn’t take much training to get them to chase after something. 

2. Blue Lacy 


The Blue Lacy is a somewhat unknown hunting dog as they do not have the centuries of breeding found in others. Instead, it was bred in Texas in the 19th Century. Over the years, Blue Lacy has made its way across the US, Canada, and Europe. In 2005, the Blue Lacy became the State Dog Breed for Texas, signed by Governor Rick Perry. 

This breed is named after the Lacy Brothers, who originally bred an English Sheepdog, a Greyhound, and an unnamed sound hound. Over time and careful selection, they created a one-of-a-kind farm dog suitable for herding, hunting, and ranch work. These dogs are brilliant and energetic and do best when hard at work. 

Blue Lacy is one of Texas’s most popular dogs for hog hunting. They are the ideal bay dog as their high energy levels make them capable of tracking prey for miles. Moreover, Blue Lacy is easy to train due to their intelligence, and their work ethic makes it easy to motivate them. 

3. Black Mouth Cur

It has been said that the dog seen in the famous movie “Old Yeller” was a Black Mouth Cur. “Cur” is an old-English term for a cattle dog, and the Black Mouth Cur was brought to the US from Europe with settlers during the 1700s. Most of the examples ended up around Mississippi. These dogs are very active, needing training and attention from a very young age. 

The Black Mouth Cur is a protective dog, especially for young children. There have even been reports of dogs trying to protect children from their parents if they suspected harm. Despite being a great addition to the family, the Black Mouth Car usually does the best working on a ranch or farm. 

4. Foxhounds


One of the most popular hog dog breeds is the Foxhound. They have been among the most common hunting dogs for centuries, even kept by royalty in the old days. George Washington himself bred Foxhounds and used them for fox hunting. 

There are a few breeds within the type, such as the American Foxhound and Welsh Foxhound. There is not much difference between the breeds, as they all have the same short coat, long legs, and strong lungs. 

While these dogs were initially bred for hunting smaller prey, they’ve become one of the most well-regarded pig dog breeds in Texas and other southern states. Their keen sense of smell is second to none, and they can track a boar for miles. 

Best Catch Dog Breeds


While bay dogs need to be fast, have a good sense of smell, and find the prey, a catch dog’s only job is to take it down. Traits like strength and perseverance make for excellent catch dogs, along with accuracy and intelligence. 

5. American Bulldog

Descended from the Old English Bulldog, the American Bulldog is a strong, muscular breed commonly used as a guard dog and protector. These dogs came to America in the 1800s, where they were quickly turned into farm and working dogs. That led to them gaining fame for their ability to bring down feral pigs. 

The American Bulldog is stocky and built more for strength than speed. They can bite with a force of 305 pounds per square inch, are ferocious fighters, and will persevere through many trials to protect their owner. It takes an assertive individual to manage an American Bulldog correctly, but once they learn their place, they are loyal to a fault. 

6. Pit Bull


The American Pit Bull has gained a reputation that is not a fair representation of this breed. The origin of this breed began in the 1800s when they were bred as fighting dogs in the United Kingdom. At that time, this breed was often pitted against large opponents, such as bulls and bears, for sport. That eventually led to them being trained for hunting. 

Pit Bulls are solid and blocky, with short coats and long legs, making them the ideal catching dogs. Despite their reputation, Pit Bulls are very emotional and will form a strong bond with a loving owner. Conversely, they can also develop strong negative emotions with a bad owner or if they have been raised as a fighting dog. 

7. Mastiff

Mastiffs are one of the largest dog breeds and are very powerful, with a bite force of 552 pounds per square inch. They lack the attentiveness needed for a bay dog, but once they have been pointed at their prey, they are vicious. Throughout European history, Mastiffs have been used as war, guard, and fighting dogs. 

Many different breeds fall under the “Mastiff” umbrella, but the Bull and English variants are the most typically used for hog hunting. They are predatory dogs and do well when given a target. These breeds are often relentless if they think someone is coming into their territory uninvited. However, they are also extremely loving and gentle once accepted into the family. 

8. Dogo Argentino 


As its name suggests, Dogo Argentino originated in Argentina, explicitly bred to hunt and catch large game. They have a bite force of 500 pounds per square inch and are full of energy that’s itching to be released. The breed is incredibly smart, needing physical and mental exercise to keep content. 

Dogo Argentino is suitable for both a bay and a catch dog, and a couple of them could efficiently complete a wild pig hunt alone. They are slender and built for speed, have excellent instincts, and make great guard dogs. Despite being an excellent pig dog breed, they also have a strong prey drive and may run off after small prey, so it’s essential to keep their focus on the task at hand. 

Conclusion For Best Dog Breeds For Hog Hunting


Hunting dogs are not born but made. All of the above hog dog breeds have instincts that have been honed throughout many generations, but they still require proper training. 

Training must begin at a very young age for any species to perform at its best. Bonds must be formed, and loyalties earned. You want to be able to trust your dog, and they should also be able to trust you.

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