Can Cats and Dogs Breed? (2024)

Both cats and dogs are beloved pets in American homes and many other homes across the globe. They are seen as companions and are welcome in homes as part of the family. However, this begs the question, can cats and dogs breed?

No, cats and dogs cannot breed because of the genetic variance between them. They are of different species and have different chromosomes, 38 and 78, respectively.

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Can a Dog and a Cat Have a Baby?


No, a cat and a dog cannot have a baby. This is because they are two completely different species. While they do bond with each other quite strongly if they live in the same house, they, for better or for worse cannot produce offspring.

Why Do My Dog and Cat Act Like They Mate?

Concerned pet owners may be alarmed when their dogs appear to be engaging in mating behaviors with their cats. This behavior is understandably alarming! However, it is normal behavior. They are not engaging in mating or breeding behavior even when it may look like they are.

Dogs mount things often. It is not unusual for it to be like breeding behavior. Contrary to popular belief, dogs can mount almost anything! Commonly mounted objects include furniture, human legs, or anything that stays still long enough for them to do so. 

This behavior can come from neutered dogs as well as female dogs. Therefore, you can infer that it is not typically inherently sexual; it is often a sign of dominance. This dominance factor is especially true when it involves other non-dog animals such as your household cats. 

In addition to dominance, mounting can also be a playful act. Mounting as an act of play is especially prevalent in puppies playing with other dogs or cats. Your dog can also mount when they are stressed or anxious because of an external circumstance.

Dogs mounting cats is not something to be inherently worried about unless it seems violent or harms the cat involved. If you see your pets hurting one another, you should intervene. However, it is typically harmless and playful banter.

Cat Breeding vs. Dog Breeding


We will now get into the technicalities of why cats and dogs cannot breed. Their breeding processes are very different and wildly incompatible with one another. Here’s a quick look at some of the differences:

Cat Breeding

Cats, especially females, are notorious for being obnoxious in their mating rituals. Female cats go into heat at a young age and will announce it to the entire household by meowing loudly. They may sit by windows and vocally call for a male to mate.

This sensitive time is not when you should trust your cats with screened windows, as cats have torn through window screens to find a mating partner, talk about rabbit-like behavior!

Ovulation occurs in cats after mating. If a female cat gets pregnant, it can carry kittens from different fathers. This phenomenon event is unusual for humans and many other species of animals.

Dog Breeding

Dog breeding is a process that many dog owners find hard to do in conditions that are optimal for all involved. Dogs may be up to two years old before they go into heat. They then ovulate based on their cycle and not on mating.

The Takeaway

Not only would cats and dogs mating be odd and a disaster altogether, they logistically cannot. Their reproductive systems are different and not compatible in any sense.

Is There a Cat Breed That Acts Like Dogs?


A common reason people may not gravitate toward cats the same way as they do toward dogs is that cats are typically more reserved and live by their own rules. Dogs are commonly affectionate and social creatures.

However, there are cat breeds that have personalities and demeanors that resemble more like a dog than a stereotypical cat! Of course, these cats are still cats, but they do have some dog-like qualities.

Maine Coon Cat

Maine Coon Cat

Maine Coon Cats are one of the largest domestic cat breeds that exist! They often take on the nickname gentle giants because their disposition is typically cuddly, playful, and friendly. These traits make them ideal for families with children and those that need a calmer cat. Their large size is also comforting and their fur is incredibly soft and fluffy.



Birmans are silky longhaired cats that are known as a loving breed. They are best companions because they love being with their owners. They are not very active. They typically prefer calm environments and may not be a good match in a home with children because of this. A slow-paced life will complement their calm demeanor the best.

Is There a Dog Breed That Acts Like Cats?


Cat people often say they do not gravitate toward dogs because they are dirty, rowdy, or loud. While these can be true for certain dogs, some breeds are more likely to differ in these tendencies and act more like cats than typical dogs. These similarities to cats are only in demeanor. Dogs will always be dogs!



Basenjis are perfect for pet owners that prefer a quieter dog. They are often a silent breed; some are even barkless! They are also like cats in their stubborn tendencies and independence. Beware if this is not a trait you can love!



Whippets resemble cats in their love for laying around the house with their owner. They also are notorious for getting along with cats! If you are looking for a dog so cuddly that they behave like a cat, a Whippet may be just the dog for you.

Frequently Asked Question

Can A Dog And Cat Successfully Mate?

No, a cat and a dog cannot successfully mate. This is because they belong to two different species and have a lot of genetic disparity between them for mating to be successful.

Why Does My Dog Try To Mate With Cats?

Dogs engage in mounting a display of dominance or excitement. They are not actually trying to mate with a cat.

Is It Possible For A Cat To Breed A Dog?

No, it is not possible for a cat to breed a dog. This is because they have a different number of chromosomes which leads to them having a lot of genetic variance between them for breeding to occur.

Conclusion For Can Cats and Dogs Breed


Since cats and dogs have different mating behaviors, are biologically different, are of different species, and have a variance in chromosomes, cats and dogs cannot breed with each other.

Cats and dogs differ a lot in personality, temperament, and typical behavior. The common dichotomy between “cat people” and “dog people” is notorious but it is possible and common to love both animals!

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