4 Best Border Collie Breeders In Texas! (2024)

Today we are going to talk about the best Border Collie breeders in Texas. If you are looking for a highly energetic, fun, and active dog in your home, the Border Collie is an excellent choice.

They make excellent cuddle buddies and come in various coat patterns and colors. Border Collie puppies are also friendly with kids and other pets when bred and socialized properly, making them excellent companions and family pets.

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Border Collie Puppies In Texas


These dogs are increasingly becoming popular in Texas and the US at large. Hence, it is easy to find a Border Collie breeder. However, your goal should not be to choose a random breeder but one with an excellent reputation and vast experience. The dozens of breeders out there leave many puppy buyers overwhelmed, and some of them end up buying puppies with underlying health issues.

Separating the wheat from the chaff is not an easy task, as you need a lot of experience and knowledge to do that. However, we are here to take that burden away from you. After conducting thorough independent research, we have compiled a list of the best Border Collie breeders in Texas. Here’s a list of the best places to buy your Border Collie puppy:

1. JB Border Collies


Right at the top of our list, we have JB Border Collies, a family-owned and operated breeding program. They are located in Spring Branch, Texas, where they live with their kids and dogs. Their kids, Cody, Tegan, and Cooper are the workers at the breeding program.

They all have a unique role in raising and caring for dogs and puppies. The socialization aspect of the program is also left to them mainly. They play with the puppies daily, making them kid and family-friendly.

In addition to being well-socialized, all their puppies are perfectly healthy. The breeder works closely with her husband, Justin, who is very passionate about Border Collies. He has always loved this breed since his childhood, and he assists his wife (Jeanne) to ensure the breeding program is a success. They breed only the healthiest dogs to ensure their puppies are free of congenital health conditions.

Before venturing into breeding, the family had a Border Collie for years and loved the dog’s personality. They spent almost a year researching this breed and purchased their first registered, purebred Border Collie.

Today, they are one of the most respected breeders in the state, thanks to their hard work and dedication to this breed. To give you the assurance you need, JB sends their puppies home with a two-year genetic health guarantee.

Border Collie Breeder Information:

2. Seven Link Ranch


Seven Link Ranch is a lifetime member of the American Border Collie Association and all their dogs are registered with the association. All their recent dogs are also registered with the American Kennel Club, a highly recognized pet association.

The breeding program is family-owned and operated, and all their dogs and puppies are seen and treated as family members. Border Collies are a hard-working and versatile breed, so the family ensures all their breeding dogs are from proven working lines.

Most of their puppies are bred and raised to be excellent family pets and companions. Some of their puppies are on working ranches and doing well. They also have some puppies doing agility and frisbee. No matter the activity or job you want the puppy for, this breeder has got you covered.

The family is located in central Texas, south of Abilene Texas. All their puppies and dogs are part of their family, enjoying a lot of love, care, and attention. One of the measures they take to consistently produce healthy puppies is health-testing their breeding dogs.

The dogs are DNA-tested for CEA, NCL, I-GS, TNS, PLL, and MDR1. All their puppies are vet-checked and declared free of those disorders.

To join their waiting list and get the privilege of choosing a puppy once they are born, you have to make an initial deposit of $200. Once the puppies are born, they will send you an email with photos to the first person on the list and move to the next after they choose. All deposits are non-refundable, but you can transfer your deposit to another litter if you do not want one from that litter.

Border Collie Breeder Information:

3. Southern Star Border Collies


Some factors that separate good breeders from bad ones are responsibility and accountability. Many bad breeders are not accountable to any organization, not even their conscience, so they adopt illicit practices just for profit.

Southern Star Border Collies is one of the few responsible breeders in this state. They are not only responsible but also accountable to top organizations like AKC. The breeding program is owned and managed by a couple – Bri and Lee. In addition to breeding Border Collie, they are also Dog Sport and Canine Health & Nutrition enthusiasts.

The couple lives on a small farm in East Texas, one hour from north of Houston. They live with their dogs, puppies, and a few chickens. The family has many engaging programs for their dogs and puppies, including long walks and plenty of exercises.

They spend quality time with them, socializing, training, and preparing them for their new families. All their dogs are members of their family first and foremost; they are part of almost everything they do.

Being a Dock Diving Instructor and Dog Trainer by profession, the dogs are a significant part of Bri’s career. The dogs are also very confident and well-socialized, thanks to the various training exercises they undergo. The couple ensures their puppies are good with kids, adults, and other pets before releasing them.

In addition, they pay close attention to the health of the puppies. All the dogs are health tested for various genetic conditions before breeding. The puppies are also vet-checked to ensure they are free of every possible congenital defect associated with this breed.

Your puppy will come home with a health certificate and a two-year genetic health guarantee. You are required to take your pup to a licensed vet to confirm the health report within five working days of receipt.

The various training and sports competitions their dogs and pups are engaged in also help enhance their joint and bone health. The structure is another vital thing they consider in the breeding program. They highly prioritize the health and structure of their dogs, as they strive to produce puppies that will have long, happy, healthy lives.

Border Collie Breeder Information:

4. The Border Collie Lady


The Border Collie Lady is a breeding and rescue program managed by Gale Jefford. Gale Jefford is dedicated to preserving and rescuing Border Collies. What she means by preservation is saving this breed as it was bred to be – smart, lovely, hard-working, and energetic.

She does not alter their bloodline to modify their gene in any way. The entire breeding process is supervised by a professional, licensed vet, from artificial insemination to the testing of the pups.

At The Border Collie Lady, you will find only good, clean healthy puppies without any altered or modified genes. All their dogs are from champion bloodlines, some of which were featured in the “Key Dog Book To The Border Collie Family.”

The bloodline has also been featured in many magazines for its intelligence. Gale has a lot of experience with this breed. She has been breeding and raising Collies for several years, and her love for this breed has been growing exponentially.

She also does her best to give as many puppies as she can a second chance. She rescues Border Collies and finds new homes for them. Gale highly prioritizes the health of their dogs and puppies, providing them with nutritionally balanced diets to support optimal weight and overall well-being. All her puppies are well-socialized, well-behaved, and confident.

Border Collie Breeder Information:

  • Address/Location: 2905 Autumn Cove Ct Friendswood, Texas 77546
  • Phone Number: 281-755-6806
  • Website: The Border Collie Lady

Conclusion For Best Border Collie Breeders In Texas


Whether you are looking for a companion, family pet, or working dog, you can rely on the Border Collie breeders on this list. We carefully selected them for you because of their experience and expertise in this field.

They produce and raise premium quality Border Collie puppies with exceptional health and temperament. All their puppies also come with a health guarantee to protect against genetic defects.

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