4 Best Corgi Breeders In Texas! (2024)

Corgis were once bred and used as herding dogs. However, this breed has emerged to become beloved pets for royalties and dog lovers at large. Corgis are known to have the world’s fluffiest butts accompanied by happy faces, athletic bodies, and fabulously sweet temperaments. These small dogs are about 12 inches tall and they make the best cuddle buddies.

According to the American Kennel Club, Corgis are the 11th most popular dog breed, thanks to their good temperament with kids, adults, and other pets. If you have decided to add this lovely dog breed to your home, great choice, as you will not regret your decision.

However, the only thing that might make you regret it is when you buy your puppy from a bad breeder. Bad breeders do not perform a variety of health checks and socialize their dogs.

To help you find the best and most reliable Corgi breeders in Texas, we have curated a list based on quality, reputation, experience, and client reviews. The best breeders guarantee puppies with excellent temperament and health, providing you great value for money. 

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1. Harman Corgis LLC


Harman Corgis LLC is one of the most recognized and well-respected Corgi breeders in Texas. They have been breeding and raising Corgis for several years, specializing in only this breed. The breeding program is family-owned but spearheaded by Leslie.

Leslie has a lot of experience with Corgis, from the breeding process down to raising and training them. Harman Corgis is located in the Texas Panhandle near Perryton. They have a large farm, where they raise Pembroke Welsh Corgis and show pigs.

Leslie also does a great job of ensuring the dogs are well engaged on the farm. In addition to being well-socialized with people, she ensures they are friendly with other pets like cats, horses, and other livestock.

She aims to produce perfectly healthy, well-socialized, and good structured puppies with excellent dispositions. They have a special, well-equipped facility for their dogs. While they enjoy the luxury of running and playing around the farm, they can also relax in a climate-controlled facility when it is cold or hot outside.

One thing that has brought Harman Corgis thus far is their breeding practices. They ensure all their adult dogs are genetically tested through Embark before breeding. They use the genetic results to plan matings to make sure all the puppies produced are free from genetic diseases associated with this breed, including DM, EIC, and vWD1.

In addition to raising healthy puppies, Leslie ensures they are well trained before leaving for their new families. All their puppies are raised with Avid Dog and Puppy Culture protocols. Your new dog will come home crate and litterbox-trained. All puppies also start obedience training before going home.

Other than this, the puppies receive age-appropriate immunization and deworming. You will receive their medical report and vaccination record to enable you to continue with the subsequent vaccines. They have an in-house, licensed vet who health checks the puppies at six weeks old to ensure general health.

The vet also ensures the pups have a correct bite and are free of knee, elbow, hernia, and eye problems. Harman Corgis serves the entire US, as they offer shipping options. They provide both ground and flight transportation. Ground transportation is their preferred option, and they only allow their puppies to fly with nannies.

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2. ArmanalegRanch


If you reside in east Texas, ArmanalegRanch is one of the few breeders to trust. This amazing family has been producing quality puppies since 2002. With over two decades of experience, rest assured you will get nothing but quality and perfectly healthy puppies from them.

One unique thing about this breeder is that they produce all three Corgi types – American Corgi, Cardigan Welsh Corgi, and Pembroke Welsh Corgi. All their puppies will also be CKC, AKC, and ACA Registered unless otherwise stated.

The family knows the importance of good health, so they made it their top priority in this breeding program. To ensure you go home with a super healthy puppy, they breed only health-tested and temperament-assessed dogs. Only 100 percent healthy and genetically sound dogs are allowed in the breeding program.

In addition, they ensure the puppies are properly examined after birth and before joining their new families. All puppies will receive their first set of vaccines and multiple wormings before going home at eight weeks of age.

ArmnalegRanch’s goal is to provide families with healthy, happy, and well-socialized puppies. To show how confident they are in their pups’ health, the breeder sends each puppy home with a three-year genetic health guarantee.

That means they guarantee that the puppies are free from any congenital health problems for the first three years of their life. This is the highest level of confidence you could ever need when buying a new puppy. Only the best and most reliable breeders offer such health guarantees because they trust their system.

For exercise, ArmanalegRanch has a designated area where the puppies play daily. They are not allowed to touch dirt, to prevent any health issues. ArmanalegRanch also knows the importance of nutrition to the health of the puppies and dogs, so they provide them with only the best dog and puppy meals.

They feed PawTree Chicken and Oatmeal food to their pups and dogs, along with NuVet vitamins to provide them with appropriate vitamins and minerals for healthy growth and development. All puppies undergo crate, potty, and obedience training before leaving for their forever home.

Corgi Breeder Information:

  • Address/Location: 1945 County Road 3109, Jacksonville, Texas 75766
  • Phone Number: 903-721-3844
  • Website: ArmanalegRanch

3. Cottonwood Corgis


We have another highly reputable breeder on our list – Cottonwood Corgis. Cottonwood has grown to be one of the most popular breeders in the state and beyond because of its well-adjusted and well-socialized puppies.

The puppies are raised to be excellent companions and a great fit for various family types. This family-owned breeding program specializes only in this breed. They produce quality Pembroke Welsh Corgis with fascinating temperaments and health. All their dogs and puppies are treated like family members, enjoying a lot of attention, love, and care.

Cottonwood does not raise its dogs in a kennel or cage; all the dogs and puppies roam freely on the farm and in their home. The family feels that it is essential for your future pup to have perfectly healthy parents with sound temperaments and are treated with the love and respect they deserve.

All the parent dogs are evaluated for temperament and DNA tested before breeding to ensure the puppies will have excellent dispositions suitable for family life. In addition, all their puppies are AKC registered.

The family encourages potential buyers to research about the breed properly before contacting them. They want to ensure the dog is right for you and your lifestyle before considering your application. To apply, you have to fill out the Family Interview form.

After which, a family member will contact you to ask some questions before adding you to the waiting list. Cottonwood is relatively new, with only six years of experience. However, they have broad knowledge about this breed and the entire breeding process, which has helped to place them above many old breeders in the state.

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4. Wits End


Wits End is a 90-acre working cattle ranch located in Fort Worth, Texas. They produce both Pembroke Corgis and Cardigan Welsh Corgis, and they are all involved in the daily ranch operations with horses, cattle, pigs, chickens, cats, and ponies.

They have a very large farm and are well-experienced in breeding Corgis. The farm has been in operation since 1993, with almost three decades of experience. The farm is family-owned, but they have a wonderful team that helps with the operations on the farm. All the puppies from this breeder are completely healthy, thanks to their experience and stringent selection process.

All the sires and dams were genetically tested to ensure they are free from genetic health issues. Their puppies also go through socialization from day one, ensuring they are physically and emotionally ready to leave at weeks of age.

Once your puppy is ready to go home, they will conduct a thorough health examination and send you the result. The puppies also come with a handwritten health guarantee, an assurance that you are buying a healthy puppy. In addition, every puppy is dewormed, vaccinated, and comes with:

  • AKC litter registration paperwork
  • Three-generation pedigree
  • Some puppy food
  • A starter pack including a harness and leash

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Conclusion For Best Corgi Breeders In Texas


Due to the popularity of this breed, finding breeding in Texas is not difficult. However, you have to apply caution and avoid backyard breeders, puppy mills, and unreliable breeders if you want a healthy Corgi puppy.

Some of the common signs that you are dealing with an unreliable breeder include selling below the average, shying away from important questions, and lack of health guarantee. Reliable breeders will always answer your questions to your satisfaction and provide health guarantees for their puppies. Their puppies are not cheap because they invested a lot in raising them.

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