4 Best Doberman Breeders In Texas! (2024)

Doberman puppies are one of the most popular dog breeds in Texas. Muscular, powerful, and fast, the Doberman has won the hearts of many dog lovers with its incredible traits. In addition, this breed is incredibly loyal, intelligent, and vigilant.

This breed was named after a tax collector, Louis Dobermann, who lived in Germany. The task collector bred this dog in the 1890s to assist in his line of job. The tax collector job wasn’t a pleasant one then, so Louis needed a fierce, loyal bodyguard to watch his back. If you’re looking for Doberman breeders in Texas who have healthy and happy puppies, you’ll want to check out our list.

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Doberman Puppies In Texas


Dobermans seem intimidating in their appearance because of their initial purpose. However, modern breeders have developed a new strategy to tone down their aggressive and ferocious traits. They modified their breeding process to produce ideal companions that can develop a close bond with you and become your best friend.

Unfortunately, not every breeder knows how to breed and raise Dobermans to become loving companions and family pets. Many inexperienced breeders do not know how to raise these dogs and cater to their unique health needs.

If you are looking for the best place to buy a well-bred and well-trained Doberman puppy in Texas, check out our list of the most experienced and reputable Doberman breeders in Texas. Our list consists of reliable breeders who perform health checks and love their puppies. Read on to see our recommendations.

1. Taillac Dobermans


What makes a good breeder is not just the act of mating dogs and producing puppies; there is more to the process. The way a breeder breeds, raises and cares for its dogs is what separates them from others.

After extensive research and scrutiny, we found Taillac Dobermans to be one of the most reliable breeders in Texas. The ultimate mission of this breeder is to provide you with a perfectly healthy, AKC Doberman that you will cherish for a lifetime. The Taillac family is passionate about this breed. They desire to share these amazing dogs with like-minded families.

One amazing thing about this family is that they pour everything they have into this breeding program. They work together as a family to produce and raise beautiful and well-socialized puppies. Unlike many profit-oriented breeders, the Taillac family is strongly behind their goal of quality over quantity.

In addition, the family ensures their puppies are only released to families that are willing, prepared, and responsible. Hence, they ask a series of questions and conduct some background checks before releasing their babies.

All their puppies are bred for temperament, superior quality, intelligence, character, companionship, and workability. Whether you want a service, companion, or work dog, you can count on this family. By blending American and European bloodlines, this family strives to preserve the most desirable characteristics of this noble breed.

In addition, the family educates and supports all their customers for life, ensuring they have everything they need at their fingertips. All their puppies also come with a health guarantee to give you the peace of mind you need during the purchase.

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2. Stellar Dobermans


Stellar Dobermans also made it to our list because of their quality and super healthy puppies. The puppies from this breeder make excellent companions, therapy, and work dogs. They raise and prepare their dogs for various spheres of life, ensuring they are a great addition to any home they go to.

Bobby and Holly Smith are the owners of this great establishment. This couple has been producing and raising puppies for the better part of their lives, which is the kind of experience you want your puppy’s breeder to have. Their breeding program stands out from others because of its proven approaches and training programs.

Bobby and Holly highly prioritize health and temperament in their breeding program. Their puppies grow to become loved family members because of how they are bred and raised. The couple raises all their puppies in their home, handling them all day and night with a lot of love, care, and attention. Other than this, the puppies spend time with kids and are raised with other small dogs.

One unique thing about this breeding program is that they have live webcams monitoring the puppies all day, all night. However, only buyers have access to the webcams so that they can watch their puppies anytime they want.

To ensure the puppies get the best treatment they deserve, Bobby and Holly hired puppy nannies to help in the nursery. In addition, all their puppies are bred according to the standard of the Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI).

Stellar Dobermans take great pride in their puppies’ temperaments and care, which is why they spend a lot of time socializing and exposing them to everything they will see in their new homes. They do everything possible to prepare the puppies for a smooth and seamless transition to their forever homes. All puppies are AKC registered and come with a two-year health guarantee.

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3. Double J Dobermans


Double J Dobermans is a renowned breeder with a lot of experience. This small family breeding program is located in central Texas, but they have puppies in various states in the US. They have owned this noble breed for more than 30 years but started breeding over 25 years ago.

With about three decades of experience, this breeder is well-informed in every aspect of breeding Dobermans. From decades of experience, they have learned the numerous secrets of raising quality and family-friendly Doberman puppies.

They breed European bloodlines selected for temperament, structure, and health. All their European Doberman dogs are health-tested and AKC registered. In addition to being highly experienced, they devote a lot of time to caring for and raising these puppies. Other than this, the family continually improves on their knowledge to produce healthier, stronger, and sounder puppies.

Their major goal is to breed structurally correct, health-tested Dobermans with stable, solid temperaments from European lines. All their puppies are raised with the ability to excel as active family pets, companions, sports, and working dogs.

In addition to health testing their breeding dogs, Double J sends their puppies home with a two-year health guarantee. They breed after two years of age when dogs are fully mature. Double J is also open to inquiries about this breed. Whether you are an experienced Doberman owner or a newbie, you can consult them to know more about this breed.

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4. Birkline Dobermans


Birkline Dobermans is one of the few breeders that breed with H.E.A.R.T (Health, Education, Accountability, Responsibility, and Tradition). Accountability is one of the few factors that separate good breeders from bad ones.

Accountable breeders breed according to the standards of reputable organizations. They cannot derail from those standards because they are inspected and watched closely. Birkline Dobermans is also a verified Preservationist Breeder, recognized by GoodDog.

They have a large kennel, which is open to visitors (but by appointment only). Birkline breeds with the ideal Doberman standard in mind. They adhere to the recommendations issued by the United Kennel Club and American Kennel Club. All their Dobermans are appropriately chested, tall, and with a family-focused temperament.

Birkline uses early socialization along with a wide range of harmless stimuli to promote reliable, sound temperaments in their puppies. The puppies are exposed to a variety of people, situations, noises, and other animals.

To reduce or avoid the heart-breaking tales of dogs suffering early deaths due to congenital health issues, this breeder conducts extensive health tests for its adult dogs. The tests they conduct provide the highest level of certainty for healthy production. In addition to genetically testing the dogs, they pair them wisely to prevent health problems.

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Conclusion For Best Doberman Breeders In Texas


Dobermans are excellent dogs for singles, couples, and families. These dogs are a joy to have because of their energetic and playful nature. When looking for reliable Doberman breeders in Texas, it is essential to know the qualities of a good breeder.

Health checks are mandatory, followed by various communication means, transparency, and being a member of a reputable organization like AKC. All the breeders listed here checked those boxes.

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