5 Best Cane Corso Breeders In New York! (2024)

The Cane Corso is an Italian breed of Mastiff and is a rather large and stoic dog. The Cane Corso is popular for those in Europe as guard dogs and companions. Having a Cane Corso would mean making sure to provide them with exercise and lots of loving care. They will take up a lot of room both in your home and in your heart, so do your research before choosing this breed.

Most larger dogs have less of a lifespan than smaller dogs. Their extra weight on their joints and bones is harder the bigger the dog is. A Cane Corso can still have a decently lengthy lifespan if you get one from a reputable breeder.

Breeders are responsible for ethically removing defective genes from the breeding pool like those that cause rapid aging. If you’re looking for a trustworthy Cane Corso breeder in New York and don’t know where to start, we have the top five already found for you.

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1. LaFaccia Cane Corso


If you’re trying to find out more information about Cane Corso breeders in New York, then LaFaccia Cane Corso is a good place to find information. The breeder is located in Montebello,  New York on five acres of land, and they own five of their own Cane Corsi. LaFaccia Cane Corso has about fifteen years of breeding experience and they have personal friendships with breeders in Italy.

By having this support from where Cane Corsi originated, LaFaccia Cane Corso breeds puppies that will have good temperaments and proper structure. They warn that the Cane Corso is a working dog and that they need to be placed in good homes so that they prosper. Each puppy is hand-picked to go to its new home during the application and acceptance process.

This Cane Corso breeder offers examinations and early vaccination schedules for their puppies. They feel that early neurological stimulation is heavily important as well as socialization to keep the puppies structured and well-rounded. Overall this is a reliable Cane Corso breeder.

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2. Borealis Cane Corso NY


You can find champion bloodlines in the Cane Corsi at Borealis Cane Corso. This breeder is reputable and is located in the state of New York. Borealis Can Corso treats its dogs like family and keeps them in-home until it is time to breed them. Every litter is taken care of to the utmost highest standards to encourage the best traits to come out in the puppies as they grow.

Every dog is paired with another dog to enhance the best health and temperament in Cane Corsi. Puppies are socialized early and often and given structure as soon as they participate in activities. The Cane Corsi are registered through a few different organizations including the International Cane Corso Federation (ICCF).

There is a strict contract involved with the puppies from Borealis Cane Corso. Every puppy is given their six-week vaccinations and is examined for any health or genetic concerns.

All puppies are mandated to be spayed/neutered within the first year of life to protect the breeder and the breed. Every owner must also agree and complete a puppy class and some training for their new Cane Corso within the first eighteen months of life.

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3. Casanova Cane Corso


If you’re looking to find a Cane Corso breeder that is highly knowledgeable about the subject, then the breeders at Casanova Cane Corso won’t let you down. This breeder is reputable and reliable and provides expansive information on the Cane Corso breed. They know that maintaining a structured Cane Corso can be tough and it starts at the level of the parents of the litters.

The Cane Corsi bred and raised at Casanova Cane Corso are hard-working and reserved animals who can all get registered as experienced in therapy work. The Cane Corso puppies are only sold as companion animals and are on a strict spay/neuter agreement. Each Cane Corso is examined thoroughly and is provided with a two-year health guarantee.

Because of the strict standards that Casanova Cane Corso breeds its litters by, this is considered a breeder in New York that you can trust.

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4. Liberty Cane Corso


The Cane Corso breeder Liberty Cane Corso is a reputable New York. This is mostly a solo-owner operation with very small litters once or twice a year maximum. The Cane Corsi from this breeder have been registered as show dogs and even own some champions.

The breeder at Liberty Cane Corso will breed the champion show dogs with another top of their breed Cane Corsi to create stable and healthy puppies.

Every puppy is given early neurological stimulation and structured play to help them learn and develop into adults with good temperaments. With several best-of-breed awards under their belt, Liberty Cane Corso is a great place to start the search for your new furry friend.

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5. Canine Corral


Canine Corral is a business that helps you find the dog of your dreams in your local area, in this case, New York. Canine Corral is reputable for partnering with trustworthy private breeders that are found in the state of choice or shipped to the state you live in. If you are looking for help finding a Cane Corso breeder then Canine Corral can provide it.

Canine Corral is trustworthy as a company and is fairly transparent about its process. One of the best things about Canine Corral is that they offer a financing option for approved customers. This can be helpful especially since Cane Corso puppies can be quite spendy to achieve a great quality dog.

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How To Choose a Cane Corso Breeder In New York?


Finding the right Cane Corso to bring home as a new family member should be done after careful research and consideration. If you are in the New York area, then this guide will help you find a reputable Cane Corso breeder. Always do some research about the reader and get to know what their process is all about.

Most breeders will offer AKC registration through limited spay/neuter contracts. This helps to protect the breeder as well as the breed. Cane Corsi can be known to have health issues with hips, joints, and eyes if bred incorrectly.

Mastiffs like the Cane Corso or any other giant dog breed have less than average life spans. A reliable breeder can weed out these genes to grant their Cane Corsi a little longer than normal (than other giant dog breeds) lifespan.

Cane Corso breeders found in New York typically require an application process and a deposit. Be careful not to give anyone money until you have reached them over a phone, met them in person, or video-chatted with them extensively.

There are a lot of great and trustworthy Cane Corso breeders out there, but with the number of scammers out there it is imperative to always do your research. Reading reviews is also highly important so you can get an idea of what to expect.

More Information About Cane Corso In New York

Cane Corsi are fabulously large dogs and are intelligent, protective, and reserved animals. Having a Cane Corso will require a lot of work and it is important to start with the best possible chance at having a well-rounded dog by buying from a trustworthy breeder. Cane Corsi are sensitive and like to be around their owners.

Although these dogs require a larger amount of care and effort, a well-trained and well-groomed Cane Corso is a happy Cane Corso. The Italian Mastiff has very short hair and requires little to no brushing and has little to no shed. Socialize with your Cane Corso often to keep them open-minded and fresh to the new company so they don’t become aloof or wary.

Conclusion For Best Cane Corso Breeders In New York


If you are looking for a reputable Cane Corso breeder in New York we have a list of the best five. It can be overwhelming at times to make a decision, especially when there is so much to consider.

There are some very good breeders of Cane Corse that are found in New York. Each dog is bred and raised to become the best version of itself with love, care, and special attention to facets like temperament and health. We hope you find what you are looking for in this guide!

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