5 Best French Bulldog Breeders In New York! (2024)

The French Bulldog is one of the cutest dogs of all time and even looks like a miniature Bulldog. This dog is a bright, happy, and friendly pet that requires a bit of exercise and lots of love to have a great life. French Bulldogs are a great addition to a home that has lots of time for it.

It is important to find an actual breeder of French Bulldogs to make sure that you get a puppy or dog with minimal health issues or genetic defects. Breeders have the capability of weeding out bad temperaments and genetic defects that can be found in French Bulldogs. If you are looking for a reputable French Bulldog Breeder in New York, this list will start you off with five of the best ones.

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1. Fairytale Frenchies


At Fairytale Frenchies you can find a very compassionate and knowledgeable hobby breeder of French Bulldogs. This breeder is located in The Bronx, New York, and is a small in-home breeder. Fairytale Frenchies breeds first-generation French Bulldogs that are hardy and healthy.

Each puppy is given extensive and exclusive one-on-one socialization with adults and children. The French Bulldog puppies are also socialized early and often with other animals. Early neural stimulating activities are also encouraged by this breeder to help jumpstart later training activities.

The breeder at Fairytale Frenchies gives their dogs and puppies vitamins to maintain good health. There is no information available online about offered genetic guarantees or vaccines, so it may be a good idea to reach out for more information. While that information is missing, it does appear that all animals at the breeder’s home are very well-cared for and they take pride in their puppies.

French Bulldog Breeder Information:

2. Ethical Frenchie


Ethical Frenchie is owned by family and close family friends. At Ethical Frenchie, the breeder works together with their team and dogs to breed authentic and healthy French Bulldogs in New York. The struggle to find reputable breeders is well-known, especially for the owners of Ethical Frenchie.

This breeder started this program because they love French Bulldogs and because they believe in transparency about their business. They specialize in blue French Bulldogs because they want to prove that the coloration of a French Bulldog does not determine its health or quality of life, but the breeding program is responsible.

Ethical Frenchie strives to be honest and transparent in every process of breeding and will remain there for support even after the purchase and pick-up.

Each French Bulldog puppy is cared for with early socialization and stimulation. Early training is also started to give the puppies a head start when they go to their new homes. They offer a two-year health guarantee with their puppies as well as all needed early vaccinations before they are sent home.

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3. Xtra Sweet Frenchies


For a reputable breeder of French Bulldogs close to New York City look no farther than Xtra Sweet Frenchies. This reliable breeder of French Bulldogs offers American Kennel Club registerable full-blooded puppies. Xtra Sweet Frenchies also offers stud and whelping services for those interested in bringing their French Bulldog from home.

This breeder offers a lot of great information about how to care for a French Bulldog. This is great because this breed can have a lot of health issues, regardless of how healthy its genetics are. There are simply things this type of dog can suffer from such as dry noses. This breeder at Xtra Sweet Frenchies takes the time to offer a product along with information to help with this problem.

All puppies are registered with the AKC and are genetically guaranteed pure blood. Each puppy is given exams and early vaccines as preventative measures for illness or premature death in your puppy.

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4. Westchester French Bulldog


Westchester French Bulldog is a reputable breeder of French Bulldogs that can be found in New York. They believe in keeping it simple and small and are only a hobby-breeder with only 3-4 litters a year. The breeders at Westchester French Bulldog believe in early socialization which helps with the puppy’s development and growth.

French Bulldogs should be trained and given early stimulation to help them adjust when they go home at eight weeks of age. Temperament and health are the main goals for the breeders at Westchester French Bulldog. It is not stated online whether or not the dogs are genetically tested or if they come with a health guarantee.

All puppies are sent home at eight weeks of age and this breeder offers lifetime support for all puppy purchasers. This breeder is knowledgeable about the breed and is very hands-on every step of the way. This can be helpful if you have questions or concerns after you bring your new French Bulldog puppy home.

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5. Iris Farms


Iris Farms is the last on this list for finding a trustworthy French Bulldog breeder found in New York. This breeder offers French Bulldogs as well as English Bulldogs and has lots of experience (over 20 years!) with each breed.

Iris Farms is a small breeding program located on a farming outlet in New York. Although their operation is small, they have been in this program for several years now and have almost perfected it.

Puppies are cared for and socialized by a hands-on breeder. This breeding program has very dedicated humans running it and each litter is cared for and socialized by adults and children alike. French Bulldogs are also socialized around other animals to ensure that they are well-rounded when they go home to their new families.

The contact information is up-to-date and this breeder enjoys answering any questions anyone may have about this fantastic breed.

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How To Choose a French Bulldog Breeder In New York?


New York is a big state and there are lots of different varieties of dog breeds to choose from. French Bulldogs are spunky and can be stubborn and willful if not trained and raised properly. If you settle on the tiny but mighty French Bulldog, then this article will be a great read and should help you find at least five of the best breeders in New York.

Make sure to shop around and make phone calls. Send emails and don’t just jump on the first opportunity. Be wary of scammers and read reviews before you go too far into the application process. Make sure you reach someone verbally over the phone to talk to a live person before ever making a cash deposit.

Always look for breeders that focus attention on details such as worming, vaccinations, certifications, health checks, and genetic testing.

These are important aspects of choosing a happy and healthy dog and if you buy anywhere else you run the risk of coming away with a sick puppy and nothing to fall back on. Most breeders will also offer rehoming programs so they know that their puppies and their hard work don’t go to waste.

More Information About French Bulldogs In New York

French Bulldogs are cute, happy, and energetic family members. They will bring smiles to those they are around and they have great personalities. It is important to find a reputable breeder to find your new French Bulldog.

There are breeders all over the state of New York. Make sure you find the most reputable breeders to help you bring home a French Bulldog that will be happy and healthy. A trustworthy breeder should take into account genetics, health, socialization, training, and temperament. All of these categories come together to make a well-rounded animal that will be a pleasure to your family for all of its life.

Conclusion For Best French Bulldog Breeders In New York


Finding a good breeder of French Bulldogs in New York can be an overwhelming experience so we’ve compiled the list of the best five breeders in the state. Each breeder offers its take on the French Bulldog and offers its specialized health and training programs for each litter.

It is important to avoid fatal health problems and genetic defects by visiting a reputable and certified breeder of French Bulldogs. This list will help you get started with five of the best French Bulldog breeders in New York. All of these breeders produce healthy and happy French Bulldog puppies that need loving homes to adopt.

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