5 Best Golden Retriever Breeders In New York! (2024)

Golden Retrievers are a happy, energetic, affectionate, and loyal breed that is best to find through a reputable breeder. Golden Retrievers that are improperly bred are subject to health and genetic issues that will lead to severe consequences and the early loss of a beloved pet.

Finding a Golden Retriever should be a good and heartfelt experience and is often only successful if you shop through a reputable breeder. If you’re looking for a great Golden Retriever breeder in New York then this guide is for you.

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1. Famn Damily Farm


The Golden Retriever is a very friendly and outgoing dog and the reputable breeders at Famn Damily Farm understand this. Famn Damily Farm is a reputable Golden Retriever breeder located in the state of New York. This is a smaller in-home breeder of Golden Retriever puppies and they offer a wonderful look inside their breeding outfit.

All adult Golden Retrievers are treated with love and respect and are a part of the family-owned breeder’s home. These dogs are all well socialized and enjoy meeting newcomers; no one is a stranger to Famn Damily Farm’s Golden Retrievers. Instead of having to place a deposit to even be considered to be put on a waiting list, Famn Damily Farm offer’s spots on the waitlist, fee-free.

The Golden Retriever puppies bred and raised by Famn Damily Farm are socialized early and learn how to be a part of a large family. Adults and children socialize with the puppies daily and the puppies are also exposed to other types of animals. Every puppy is wormed and receives its early puppy vaccinations.

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2. Buck Family Farm


Great Golden Retrievers start with the breeder and Buck Family Farms starts each puppy out right. Buck Family Farms is a trustworthy and reliable breeder of Golden Retrievers registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC). This breeder is a family-owned and operated business where all the hands are family.

Every puppy that comes from Buck Family Farm is thoroughly checked by a veterinarian. They are wormed and given their first vaccines to protect against certain illnesses and diseases. All puppies are genetically tested and come with a one-year genetic health guarantee. Puppies are given early neurological stimulation and simple training is started.

There is a waitlist for the Golden Retrievers by this breeder and if you choose to go through Buck Family Farm it is wise to get yourself on the list early in the year. Golden Retrievers are worth the wait through this reputable and dedicated breeder.

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3. River Valley Goldens


At River Valley Goldens you can find some of the best-bred Golden Retrievers in New York. This particular breeder specializes in English Cream-colored Golden Retrievers that have consistent temperaments and behaviors. These Golden Retriever puppies are guaranteed to bring companionship and loving calm to any family.

Deposits and application fees are explained on their website and there is an extensive waiting list. Every puppy is given love and care with one on one attention. This is a small in-home breeder that socializes its pups with adults, children, and other animals. This ensures that the Golden Retriever puppies maintain a well-balanced temperament and attitude throughout their life.

All puppies are examined by a veterinarian and are given their early vaccinations and de-wormed. AKC registration and a health guarantee are offered with this breeder.

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4. Corbec Farm


If you are looking for a reliable and caring Golden Retriever breeder in the state of New York then check out Corbec Farm. This breeder is reputable and has great reviews for their puppies.

Corbec Farm prides itself in its use of AKC registered, full-blood Golden Retrievers that are hand-picked parents. These parent dogs are healthy with minimal hip, eye, or joint problems which can commonly plague the Golden Shepherd breed.

Each puppy from Corbec Farm is bred to be of sound mind, body, and temperament. They are given early socialization by adults, children, and other animals to ensure a good adjustment period to their new home.

All puppies get their first vaccinations and health checkups from professional veterinarians. Corbec Farm is a skilled breeder of Golden Retrievers with over twenty years of combined experience.

The Golden Retriever puppies from Corbec Farm are sure to delight the entire family as they are healthy, trainable, obedient, and loving dogs. The puppies are de-wormed and given all early vaccinations to ensure the most protection against illnesses like Parvo and Distemper.

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5. Bounderhill Goldens


Bounderhill Goldens is a trustworthy breeder and is last on the list of the top five best Golden Retriever breeders in New York. Bounderhill Goldens is prideful in their litters of pups and they have strict regulations when taking on adopting one of their puppies.

The puppies at Bounderhill Goldens are given love and care and are hand-picked before a litter is made. The lines of Golden Retrievers stay pure for the most part as this breeder makes sure to keep open bloodlines. The puppies are all socialized early and are given early neurological stimulation to help them develop to become well-rounded dogs.

All puppies come with an extensive spay/neuter agreement to protect the breed and the breeder. The dogs also come with a one-year health guarantee so long as the new caretaker or owner keeps the puppy in good health.

There are opportunities for the new owner to converse with the breeder for lifetime support which can be good for the new puppy and its home. The Golden Retrievers from Bounderhill Goldens are all registerable with the American Kennel Club (AKC).

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How To Choose a Golden Retriever Breeder In New York?


Golden Retrievers are a pleasant breed full of life and energetic joy. Finding a reputable Golden Retriever breeder in New York may be difficult, so we compiled a list of the top five known breeders for you. It is important to always do your research on a breeder. Read the reviews and make sure to choose a breeder that sticks to good ethical standards in their breeding practices.

Golden Retrievers are prone to health problems associated with their eyes, hips, and joints. It’s important to find a reputable Golden Retriever breeder that will weed out these weaknesses and faults in the breed. This helps to ensure you bring home a new family member who will be happy and healthy.

Do your research and make sure to contact breeders over the phone or visit in person if allowed before you place deposits or make any long-term commitments.

Read reviews as well to see what real people have to say about the breeder and the outcome of their puppies as they grow into adults. Most breeders should offer some kind of support or assistance even after the purchase and pick-up of the puppy are final.

More Information About Golden Retrievers In New York

Golden Retrievers are a great family dog and are bred to be friendly. These dogs are great for being family dogs, companion dogs, therapy dogs, and more. The Golden Retriever is an extremely smart and loyal breed of dog.

Reputable breeders Golden Retrievers in New York will capitalize on these healthy traits. Avoid breeders who don’t have information about their lines of dogs because health problems with Golden Retrievers can be severe or even fatal.

A Golden Retriever is a very active dog and can require a lot of time spent exercising. They are a fun-loving and laid-back breed, but can still get bored fairly easily. Keep them entertained and they’ll stay fairly happy. Most Golden Retrievers will benefit highly from early training, neurological stimulation, crate training, and early potty training.

Conclusion For Best Golden Retriever Breeders In New York


If you are looking for a reputable Golden Retriever breeder in New York, you have come to the right guide. There are tons of breeders out there and it is important to take the time to do the research before taking on a new puppy. Most reputable breeders will offer healthy and happy dogs that are well-balanced in health, temperament, and structure.

Golden Retrievers are friendly and family-oriented dogs. It is important to find the right Golden Retriever breeder to get a healthy and happy new pet to bring back to be in its forever home. Gold Retrievers are super loyal and intelligent and if you find the right breeder, the Golden Retriever you choose will be the greatest delight to your entire family.

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