5 Best German Shepherd Breeders In New York! (2024)

If you are looking for a German Shepherd breeder in New York that you can trust, look no further because we have five of the best breeders listed here. The German Shepherd is a beautiful and hard-working dog that takes lots of love and dedication from start to finish of the dog’s life.

It is important to look for a reputable breeder of German Shepherds to avoid being scammed into buying a sick puppy. German Shepherds are loyal, protective, and wonderful dogs that can be placed in a variety of positions within the household, getting along with all humans and most animals both old and young.

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1. Gale I. Dinces, LLC


The breeder at German Shepherd Puppies in New York is reputable and trustworthy. This breeder prides in breeding and raising champion dogs that are registered and accepted by the American Kennel Club (AKC). German Shepherds are considered a part of the family with this breeder and each puppy is given the socialization skills to be successful.

Structure, health, temperament, and intelligence are the main goals for the breeder with their German Shepherd puppies. Gale, the name of the breeder at German Shepherd Puppies in New York, offers a lot of information about how the German Shepherd does best as a working dog and a guard dog for protection and is bred for both.

All puppies are given lots of love and socialization as well as early training and neural stimulation. Each puppy gets wormed and has its early vaccinations before they are sent home to their new families.

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2. New York Canine


At New York Canine you can count on receiving a high-quality puppy that will grow up to be a strong and loyal working dog. This breeder knows German Shepherds like to stay busy and give them all the basic beginning training to make it possible for them to be successful.

It is stressed that German Shepherds be socialized properly to avoid any problems with suspicion, aggression, or any unwanted temperaments. The German Shepherd relies heavily on a good leader to be its owner and the owner has to be just as tough as the pup can be.

This breeder specializes in therapy dogs and only offers puppies to approved homes. The application process can be a little rigorous so that each puppy is guaranteed to go to its forever home. All puppies are given exams and age-appropriate vaccinations before they are sent home to their new families.

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3. Graceland German Shepherd Dogs


If you are looking for healthy legacies, then Graceland German Shepherd Dogs is a great place to make inquiries. This reputable German Shepherd breeder found in New York understands just how much work it is to care for a German Shepherd. They do not sugarcoat the recommended care and housing that is needed for this breed.

All of the puppies at Graceland German Shepherd Dogs are socialized early with adults, children, and other animals. Most German Shepherds do well as working dogs so early training and handling start as soon as possible.

Each puppy is examined and given a proper once-over. Genetic testing is not mentioned, however, this breeder does elaborate on having to stick to strict standards to be a reputable breeder.

Graceland German Shepherds are beautiful, healthy, social, and have great temperaments. Each dog can work or be a therapy animal, but it should be noted that the path should begin early for the puppy to adjust the best. Crate-training and potty-training should be the two main focuses with smaller puppies to help them adjust to their new lives outside of the breeding outfit.

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4. Peakes Brook German Shepherds


If you are looking for a no-nonsense reputable German Shepherd breeder in New York then Peakes Brook German Shepherds is wonderful. This breeder is extensive in their breeding program as they breed what is known as show dogs and register all their puppies through the American Kennel Club (AKC).

This breeder recognizes that not every puppy from every litter will be a show dog and they offer these dogs up for adoption for whatever reason through their program. Because this is a highly competitive breeder of German Shepherd puppies for show purposes, the contract for adopting one as a companion is a little extensive.

These contracts limit registrations with the AKC to companions only and come with strict spay/neuter agreements to protect the breed and the breeder. Although the application process can seem a little intimidating, it is worth the extra work for these puppies from this breeder.

All German Shepherd puppies come with registration, contracts, and training regimens and new owners must submit to dog-training classes immediately for their new puppy. The puppies are given worming schedules and early vaccinations to prevent Parvo and Distemper. Having protection from these issues also helps to ensure a healthy puppy later in life when it grows into an adult.

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5. Upstate German Shepherds


If you are looking for a reliable German Shepherd breeder in New York that cares about the genuine health and genetics of their dogs then check out Upstate German Shepherds. This breeder is very selective about its process and has strict rules about who can apply and be accepted for their puppies.

The German Shepherd puppies that come from Upstate German Shepherds are given lots of love and socialization. Adult German Shepherds live as companion animals until bred and then returned to their homes. Puppies are raised in a small breeding outfit with socialization and health being the main focus.

German Shepherds are recognized as a breed that needs lots of care and attention, especially at the beginning of life to help shape them into well-mannered dogs.

Upstate German Shepherds instill early training and neurological stimulation to teach the puppies the basics for tthe raining of all kinds. German Shepherds like to work and be useful in their homes. If a German Shepherd is bored and not engaged in work or playful activity, destructive behaviors can manifest.

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How To Choose a German Shepherd Breeder In New York?


If you are looking to find a German Shepherd breeder in New York that is reliable, this list will start you off with five of the best that can be found in the state. German Shepherds are a prized breed that is known to be hard-working and loyal. All German Shepherds need attentive new owners that can continue training and socialization efforts upon bringing them home.

A reputable breeder should always include information about the breed they specialize in. Most will also have an application process or a waiting list that you need to sit on until a litter is born when your name is at the top.

Breeders should also have programs for health and genetics. Vaccines and worming should be something offered as well to provide the puppies protection from the moment you take them home.

More Information About German Shepherds In New York

The German Shepherd is a loyal and determined breed. It can be one of the most intelligent, hard-working dogs out there, but also need extra attentiveness. A German Shepherd’s success can depend on how the breeder starts with the litter. All German Shepherds need extensive socialization and care to become well-tempered and adjusted dogs.

Obedience training is a must with this breed and a lot of reputable breeders in New York won’t even sell a German Shepherd unless a contract is signed that includes training and handling for the new owner once the puppy goes home.

German Shepherds can be difficult and stubborn if not trained or socialized properly. They are also very loyal dogs, but only to one person in the family, this makes them seem suspicious or wary to anyone outside the home. Socialization is key to avoiding a lot of the crummy behaviors that can arise in German Shepherds.

Conclusion For Best German Shepherd Breeders In New York


If you are looking for reputable breeders of German Shepherds in New York we have compiled a list of the top five. These breeders are from all around the state of New York and offer up the best quality German Shepherd puppies available.

Some of these dogs are bred for show, companion, or work, and each breeder breeds a dog that will serve a purpose in its future family. If you choose to buy a German Shepherd puppy, take a look at these breeders to start.

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