5 Best Corgi Breeders In New York! (2024)

The Corgi is one of the shortest breeds but is affectionate, intelligent, and highly trainable. The Corgi is extremely desirable in some parts of the world including in Britain where Queen Elizabeth has had over a hundred corgis in her lifetime. A Corgi is a wonderful family pet and will love and protect its family the best it can.

Because Corgis are so low to the ground they can have joint and hip problems. To avoid these issues it is important to find a reputable breeder for Corgis in your area. If you live in New York or want a Corgi from this area, we have compiled a list of the best five Corgi breeders in New York for your convenience.

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1. Hudson Valley Corgis


Hudson Valley Corgis specializes in the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and are the top of the list of the best five Corgi breeders in New York. All of the Corgis from Hudson Valley Corgis are genuine and full-blooded with American Kennel Club (AKC) registration. Each puppy is guaranteed to be healthy and genetically tested to be sound and fit for its new home.

Hudson Valley Corgis offers lifelong support for the puppy and sends every Corgi home with a care package. Each puppy will be vaccinated by eight weeks of age. All working treatments will be offered. A veterinarian will examine all puppies and make sure they are healthy and have good temperaments.

This is a reputable breeder that believes in early socialization and neurological stimulation to help lay the groundwork for a well-rounded puppy.

Hudson Valley Corgis offers some of the best Corgis in the state of New York, all of them are healthy and friendly, ready for their new homes after eight weeks of age. Corgis adopted through this breeder are bright and ready to find their new place in your home.

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2. Windy Mountain Kennels Pembroke Welsh Corgis


A lot goes on at Windy Mountain Kennels and Pembroke Welsh Corgis and they are considered to be another reliable Corgi breeder. This breeder owns and runs kennels for owners to place their dogs as well as runs a small breeding outfit for Pembroke Welsh Corgis. They specialize in this type of Corgi and resolve to bring out the best of temperament and health qualities in their dogs.

All dogs are treated like they are family, including the Corgi puppies. Every puppy is given love and care through socialization opportunities with kids, adults, and other animals. These puppies are given attention throughout the entire process, with early neurological stimulation and training techniques that will be passed on to the new owner.

Make sure to get on their waiting list early as the Corgis from Windy Mountain Kennels and Pembroke Welsh Corgis are really in New York and wait lists can be long.

The wait is worthwhile, though for a beautiful and intelligent Corgi that will have a long and full life without genetic defects or significant health problems.  If you have any further questions about their puppies they will be happy to assist you. 

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3. Vaccarella Corgis


Vaccarella Corgis is an elegantly small in-home breeder that offers the best of Corgis in the state of New York. These are Welsh Pembroke Corgis and are bred at an extremely high standard to maintain the utmost health and temperament. Although this breeder offers litters irregularly, the waiting list will get you in line to be able to bring one of these Corgis home.

Each Corgi is given love and socialization. The website doesn’t talk about any extensive things like vaccines or examinations, but the reviews are full of very happy customers who have found their new best friend.

The Corgis at Vaccarella Corgis are sure to make anyone smile with their cute and stable bodies and friendly personalities. There are a few ways to reach out and contact this breeder and they are very willing to communicate with anyone interested in their Corgis.

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4. Clove Acres Pembroke Welsh Corgi


If you are looking for a care-free, stress-free breeding program for Corgis in New York then look no further than Clove Acres Pembroke Welsh Corgis. This breeder specializes in Corgis and offers the best from their small in-home breeding outfit. Clove Acres believes that the beginnings are super important for the Corgi breed, as well as any breed, and take pride in their process.

Puppies are socialized early and often and treated like family. None of the dogs are caged or kenneled and are allowed to free-roam as if the breeder’s home was their forever home. Each puppy will be socialized by adults, children, and other animals. This helps them to grow and adapt to new situations when they transfer home to their new families.

All of the dogs have a guarantee of health and are registered through the American Kennel Club (AKC). Puppies come with spay/neuter contracts and any dog can be returned if the new owner finds they can’t keep their new puppy.

This can be at any time of the puppy or dog’s life and is a special bonus so the breeder and the new owner know without a doubt that their Corgi always has a good home.

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5. Lancaster Puppies


Lancaster Puppies is a company that finds reputable private breeders of dogs in Pennsylvania. Lancaster Puppies is constantly updated with information about where to find all kinds of breeds.

You can readily find Corgis through this reputable business. This puppy finder will also handle all processing applications and shipping plans. This is nice for when you can’t find the right breeder for your new Corgi.

All of the dogs are guaranteed through Lancaster Puppies through their contracts with private breeders. Puppies are microchipped with IDs, vaccinated, wormed, and registered with the American Kennel Club if of pure blood.

While this may be the last choice for a reputable Corgi breeder in New York, it still can be a good one as there are always new puppies available for adoption through this company.

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How To Choose a Corgi Breeder In New York?


Corgis are fun-loving dogs that are short to the ground and have high perky ears. They love adventure and being with their people. Corgis are smart, playful, and active and have a dire need for socialization. Often Corgis can display a stubborn temperament, but this can be weeded out by reputable Corgi breeders found in New York.

Make sure to read reviews and do your research about the Corgi breeder you choose. This can help you to find the best quality breeder with the right puppy that will match your household. Reputable breeders will offer information and be transparent about their services to you.

Most breeders will have a waiting list and will need deposits to be placed. Don’t send money to someone you have never met or talked to on the phone, at the least. If you don’t do your research you could end up with a very sick puppy, or your money could be effectively stolen.

More Information About Corgis In New York

Corgis are a breed that will fit in with almost any family and adapt to almost any situation. Because of their small stature, they do need an attentive owner to not get kicked or stepped on. All Corgis need exercise and a bit of light grooming to be at tip-top health.

Corgis are prone to hip and lower back problems due to them being so low to the ground. This is why it is imperative to get a Corgi through a reputable breeder that breeds these problems out for the most part. Diet plays a big role in Corgi’s health and it should be noted not to let them overeat as obesity in Corgis can turn fatal.

Conclusion For Best Corgi Breeders In New York


Overall the Corgi is a wonderful and loving little dog that is best found bred by reputable Corgi breeders. If you are in the New York area, this list is for you! We have compiled the top five of the best Corgi breeders in New York and the surrounding areas. This information should be able to help you find your new cuddly Corgi to bring home to your new family.

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