5 Best Cockapoo Breeders In Connecticut! (2024)

Finding Cockapoo breeders in Connecticut is a challenging task which is why we created this guide for you. A Cockapoo is a cross between a Poodle and a Cocker Spaniel and is highly sought after.

Cockapoos are not recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC), but they are great dogs if you have allergies. Their coat is low-shedding, and they are considered hypoallergenic.

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Cockapoo Puppies In Connecticut


A miniature Cockapoo weighs about 12-19 pounds, while the standard size is 20-65 pounds. Their coat is short and curly to wavy and comes in a variety of colors, including black, white, tan, red, brown, sable, beige, etc. Cockapoos are friendly and energetic. They are great family dogs and perfect for kids.

Let us look at Cockapoo breeders that can provide puppies in Connecticut:     

1. Coastal Cockapoos


If you are interested in purchasing Cockapoo breeders in Connecticut, then Coastal Cockapoos is the right breeder for you. Coastal Cockapoos is committed to the well-being of their puppies.

They go through extensive efforts to make sure that every puppy sold is healthy and free from any genetic defects. They come from a long line of breeders in the family and have ample experience in breeding the Cockapoo breed.

Things you should know about Coastal Cockapoos:

  • They are small hobby breeders and pay close attention to each puppy bred
  • All the breeding dogs undergo OFA testing, which ensures that the knees of the dogs are in good condition.
  • All of their breeding dogs are genetically tested, and they offer to test their puppies if the owners bear the expense.
  • Puppies are never kept in kennels but bred and brought up inside the home.
  • They are well socialized early, and by the time they go home at eight weeks, they are well adjusted.
  • All puppies are vet-checked at six weeks.
  • Puppies can be replaced if diagnosed with a life-threatening disorder.

If you are interested in purchasing a Cockapoo puppy from Costal Cockapoos, then you will need to fill out a puppy application form. At the moment, they are not accepting any new applications, but you can follow their social media pages to stay updated on when a new litter arrives.

It currently costs $4,000 to purchase their puppy. You will need to answer some of the questions they have listed on their puppy application form page.

Cockapoo Puppy Information:

  • Generation: Multigenerational, including fourth-generation Cockapoo puppies.
  • Size: Standard sized about 18-20 pounds when full-sized adult

Cockapoo Breeder Information:

2. AA Ridgewood Kennels


AA Ridgewood Kennels is a Cockapoo breeder in Connecticut that breeds Cockapoo puppies. They are located in Kinzers, Pennsylvania, which is located about a four-hour drive from Connecticut. AA Ridgewood Kennels has been in the breeding business for the past fifty years. They are experienced breeders and well known in the area.

If you are looking for a reliable and responsible breeder in the Pennsylvania and Connecticut area, then they are the right choice for you.

If you are interested in purchasing from AA Ridgewood Kennels, then you should know the following:

  • All Ridgewood puppies are registered with the American Canine Association.
  • All puppies are sent home with up-to-date immunizations and dewormed.
  • All puppies are sent home with a lifetime written warranty.
  • All of their kennels are USDA certified.
  • They offer 90-day financing for those who cannot make the full payment at one time.
  • They do not ship their puppies but do offer door-to-door delivery. They will require a $200 deposit to be made once the puppy starts its journey.

Cockapoo Puppy Information:

  • Generation: Multigenerational Cockapoos
  • Size: Standard sized Cockapoo puppies

Cockapoo Breeder Information:

  • Address: 5015 Lincoln Highway, Kinzers, Pennsylvania
  • Phone Number: 610-873-7045
  • Website: AA Ridgewood Kennel

3. Cooper Family Cockapoos


Cockapoo puppies in Connecticut are easy to find if you can find a breeder like Cooper Family Cockapoos. Cooper Family Cockapoos is dedicated to maintaining the legacy of Poodles crosses. They are located in Pennsylvania, which is a short four drive from Connecticut. If you are looking for a small, responsible breeder, then Cooper Family is for you.

Expertise in breeding and genetic testing, Cooper Family Cockapoos uses their expertise in both to produce allergy-friendly puppies that will become loving members of your family. In addition to breeding, they also offer boarding and training services. They are especially interested in producing multigenerational puppies that have a friendly temperament.

They are also currently producing smaller multigenerational Cockapoo puppies in addition to the standard size. They do have some upcoming litters in the summer.

If you are interested in buying from Cooper Family Cockapoos, then you should know the following:

  • They have a waiting list for potential owners. They will start posting pictures of upcoming litters as soon as the puppies open their eyes, which is around three to four weeks.
  • All puppies are fed home-cooked meals that are rich in nutrients and fulfill their nutritional requirements.
  • All puppies receive their first round of vaccinations before they go to their forever homes.
  • All puppies will receive a certification from a vet after they complete their wellness check-up.
  • Depending upon the parents, each Cockapoo puppy will either be small in size or larger like the Cocker Spaniel.
  • They are willing to work with individuals who have allergies to produce a puppy that will be adequate for their allergy needs.

Cockapoo Puppy Information:

  • Generation: First-generation, first-generation backcross, and second-generation Cockapoo puppies.
  • Size: Small and standard-sized Cockapoos

Cockapoo Breeder Information:

4. 4 Paws Cockapoos


4 Paws Cockapoos breeds Cockapoo puppies for sale in Connecticut and the Pennsylvania region. If you are looking for a well-bred Cockapoo puppy and have no luck elsewhere, then 4 Paws is a good choice. The owners have over twenty years of experience in breeding puppies.

They are hobby breeders and do not refer to themselves as a kennel. They offer lifetime advice and are open to having owners contact them with questions or concerns even after the puppy has been sold.

You should know the following when buying from 4 Paws Cockapoos:

  • They take a $50 deposit to hold the puppy, and it is non-refundable.
  • It is better to call them to find out about the availability of puppies.
  • They offer a four-week puppy training program that costs $250 per puppy. This training will include potty training.
  • All puppies are brought up in the home, and they do not believe in a kennel environment.
  • Each puppy will come with: a health guarantee, shots, deworming, training book, training treats, puppy food and bowl, collar and leash, and toys.
  • They encourage prospective owners to visit the premises to come and see their puppies in person.
  • They have a 100% guarantee and claim that all of their puppies are pure Cockapoo puppies on their website.
  • They offer delivery to your doorstep.
  • They have a rescue/placement policy in place that states if at any time you have to give the puppy back, they will take it, no questions asked.
  • They have a health guarantee on genetic and health disorders.

Cockapoo Puppy Information:

  • Generation: Multigenerational Cockapoo puppies
  • Size: Anywhere from 15-25 pounds standard size

Cockapoo Breeder Information:

5. Sophie Lou Cockapoos


Sophie Lou Cockapoos is a small hobby breeder that loves Cockapoos. They take pride in raising puppies that receive one-on-one attention in a homely environment.

If you are interested in purchasing Cockapoo puppies from Sophie Lou, then you will need to contact them early on in your search for a puppy. They produce a small number of puppies each year, and the waiting period can take up to a year.

Things you should know before you purchase a puppy from Sophie Lou Cockapoos:

  • They are proud members of the American Cockapoo Club.
  • To see more pictures and videos of their puppies, you can follow their Instagram page.
  • All puppies are born in their bedroom in a heated whelping box.
  • They are given individual attention and brought up inside the home.
  • Early on, separate areas for potty, eating, and playing are introduced so that the puppies become aware of these activities.
  • All puppies are crate trained before they go home.
  • Pricing for puppies depends on many factors, and the breeder will email you the individual prices once you have decided on which puppy you want.
  • All parent dogs have been tested for PRA-prcd, which is a genetic defect that can be found in puppies that pertain to their eyes.

Although Sophie Lou is not among Cockapoo breeders in Connecticut, they are located nearby in Pennsylvania and are a good choice.

Cockapoo Puppy Information:

  • Generation: Multigenerational Cockapoo puppies
  • Size: Standard size

Cockapoo Breeder Information:

How To Choose Cockapoo Puppies In Connecticut?


When looking for the perfect Cockapoo puppy in Connecticut, you may have to look at neighboring states like Pennsylvania. The great thing is that many breeders will hand-deliver the puppy to your doorstep, making distance not a problem.

If you are interested in buying a specific color or size of Cockapoo puppy, then it would be a good idea to check out the parents of the Cockapoo puppy before you commit to purchasing. Getting an idea of how much the parent weighs will give you a good idea of how big your puppy will be once they reach adult size.

Conclusion For Best Cockapoo Breeders In Connecticut


With a great list of breeders, you will surely find your brand-new Cockapoo puppy soon. Getting a new puppy is a big responsibility, and you should be ready to take it on. Making sure your family is committed to your new pet is the first step in starting your journey to find the perfect puppy.

Here’s hoping you find your Cockapoo puppy soon!

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