4 Best Cockapoo Breeders In Colorado! (2024)

A Cockapoo is a cross between a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle, and if you’re looking for Cockapoo Breeders in Colorado, this article is just what you need! Created in the United States to feature as a ‘healthy’ designer dog breed, the Cockapoo is a perfect family dog.

Carefully bred and lovingly nurtured, Cockapoos are jubilant and affectionate dogs who want nothing more than to spend time with their loved ones – and that includes humans and other animals. So to help you find a Cockapoo companion for your family, let’s get on with today’s list of breeders.

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1. H & H Red Canon Canines


First on our list of Cockapoo Breeders in Colorado is H & H Red Canon Canines. Like any responsible breeder, their main goal is to produce healthy and mild-tempered puppies that make ideal pets.

The breeder is extremely dedicated to their canine family members and implements responsible breeding practices to guarantee the superior quality of their Cockapoo puppies. H & H Red Canon Canines is a member of the American Cockapoo Club of America.

They utilize information obtained from the Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test (VPAT) to place their puppies in homes that are best suited to their distinct qualities. Moreover, the test also helps the breeder improve areas where the puppies might need strengthening before going to their forever homes.

In terms of enrichment, the breeder uses Puppy Culture protocols and introduces sight and smell desensitization according to behavioral markers. The breeder also provides the puppies with new sensory toys every week and uses punishment/reward to reinforce bad/good behavior respectively.

They also introduce crate training, potty training, and other protocols to ensure a consistent follow-up so that the puppies are super-trained.

The enrichment methods used by the breeder include Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS), the habit of human contact daily from an early age, learning healthy fear and stress response, leash and collar training, desensitization to children, the elderly, and other animals, and agility-building exercises. 

All the puppies have regular clinic visits for dental check-ups, dewormings, and vaccinations, and they are spayed/neutered. The breeder gives the puppies up for adoption when they are 10 weeks old. Accompanying your newly adopted puppy will be his or her medical/vaccination records, a small bag of puppy food, and a toy with their littermate’s scent.

Last but not least, H & H Red Canon Canines offer a one-year health guarantee that protects not only the puppies and their parents’ interests but also covers genetic health issues commonly associated with the breed.

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2. Pawsitively Cockapoos


A popular small-scale breeder for Cockapoo puppies in Colorado is Pawsitively Cockapoos. They are well-known for breeding miniature F1 Cockapoos and are dedicated to maintaining the health of their puppies and abiding by the highest breeding standards. Apart from Cockapoos, they also provide other designer dogs such as Yorkipoos, Maltipoos, and Shihpoos.

To adopt a Cockapoo from Pawsitively Cockapoos, you’ll need to complete a comprehensive application form asking about various aspects of your living and home environment, as well as requiring some basic information about the kind of dog you want.

After going through the application, you can book a meeting and visit the Cockapoos in person to choose one best suited for your family. All their puppies are energetic, lively, safely bred, and well-socialized to easily adjust to any household.

For more on health checks and guarantees, you can contact them here:

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3. TLC Kennel


Founded in 1983, TLC Kennel’s commitment to exceptional Cockapoo puppies for sale in Colorado reflects in their state-of-the-art health and breeding program featuring the best facilities.

All their puppies are raised in a loving and caring home environment, receive all applicable vaccinations, and come with a six-month health guarantee that includes dietary guidelines. 

TLC Kennel provides a wide variety of pure breeds and hybrid dog breeds. They take special care to pick only physically and physiologically healthy parents of every breed for their breeding program so that the upcoming litter consists of genetically superior and sound puppies.

The breeder also provides suggestions for veterinary care and housebreaking and offers customer support and education to facilitate the transition of their puppies from the kennel to their forever home. They also provide plenty of exercise and socialization opportunities for the puppies.

Their health care regime has been personally developed under the guidance of leading local and national veterinarians – your puppy will be immunized against bacterial pneumonia, hepatitis, distemper, leptospirosis, and canine influenza and will be covered for seven days after purchase.

Talking about the facility, all spaces are hygienic and environmentally controlled, with specially designed whelping rooms to aid dogs during labor. A hospital area with three licensed vets provides round-the-clock routine care and support for puppies requiring additional attention. All puppies enjoy regular grooming, deworming, and bathing facilities.

The breeder follows all the guidelines for identification, record keeping, and maintaining breed standards that have been established by the American Kennel Club and America’s Pet Registry. Moreover, TLC Kennel is licensed by the USDA as well as the state of Colorado.

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4. Kokopelli Cockapoos


And last on our list of Cockapoo Breeders in Colorado is Kokopelli Cockapoos. Located about seven and a half hours away in Farmington, New Mexico, the breeder cherishes all their canine companions and strives to ensure that each puppy and dog live their best life with them.

They prioritize choosing physiologically and physically superior parents with good temperaments in their breeding program. They aim to make sure every puppy gets a loving family and a forever home.

To collect your precious pup, you can meet the breeder at Albuquerque International Sunport or Durango-La Plata County Airport. You can also have your puppy flown to your nearest airport with a pet nanny or have it delivered in a car or van.

The puppies receive early training and are made to socialize with other animals, children, and the elderly. All puppies receive a clean bill of health before going to their new homes and are also given applicable shots.

Deworming or a negative fecal exam is also ensured. Once ready to leave, all puppies are given their medical/vaccination records, a small bag with puppy food, and a toy with their littermate’s scent.

Kokopelli Cockapoos offers a one-year health guarantee that covers genetic diseases as well.

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How To Choose Cockapoo Breeders In Colorado


Looking to buy Cockapoo puppies in Colorado but can’t find a good breeder? Let us help you narrow things down!

  • Ask your local veterinarian for a good reference
  • Ask friends or neighbors where they got their furry friend
  • Also, ask around for ‘word of mouth’ references
  • Try approaching breeders at local dog shows
  • Look for online reviews/Local breed clubs
  • Go through the AKC Breeder Referral page

Once you’ve found your desired breeder, schedule a phone call or meeting and get to know each other. Good breeders are in search of loving forever homes for their puppies, so don’t feel intimated if they ask you some personal questions. And since you want a healthy and happy puppy, you can ask whatever questions you like to satisfy yourself.

Once you’ve met the breeder, visit their program. You must see firsthand where the puppies are bred and raised. A committed and reputable breeder will be more than happy to show you around.

More Information About Cockapoo Puppies In Colorado

Cockapoos are petite designer dogs that make exceptional lifelong companions. They are extremely affectionate and loving but must be kept indoors most of the time. To prevent their coats from matting, Cockapoos require brushing at least once or twice a day and require clipping (using a clipper or scissors) every eight weeks.

Owing to their parent breeds, Cockapoos are normally mild-tempered and gentle with children and the elderly. Since their coat is hypoallergenic, they are a great fit for allergy sufferers. Cockapoos make amazing companionship dogs for all ages; however, they may prefer older individuals or more considerate youngsters.

Conclusion For Best Cockapoo Breeders In Colorado


So here’s our list of Cockapoo puppies for sale in Colorado, featuring four of the best breeders in the business.

Among them, H & H Red Canon Canines is no.1 because of its unique health services, detailed enrichment strategies, and aptitude testing. However, we encourage you to form your own opinion by getting in touch with all four breeders.

We’ve provided you with as much information as we could gather on these four breeders in Colorado, and we hope it will help you in your search for the perfect puppy.

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