8 Best Chinchilla Breeders in The United States! (2024)

Maybe you have wanted a pet for a long time — but you don’t have a lot of space in your cramped studio apartment. If a dog is too big to share your tiny NYC apartment, or your parents won’t let you have a cat, what lovable and cuddly pet should you choose? If that’s the case, why not choose a chinchilla from any of the best chinchilla breeders in the United States!

This small and adorable animal is a furry and cute animal that is native to Northern Chile. Today, chinchillas are a common pet that is known for their extremely soft coat and high demand all over the world. 

Like common guinea pigs, hamsters, and porcupines, chinchillas resemble many other lovable rodents you can find in pet shops. However, this tiny animal has quintessential short and round ears, large eyes, and very bushy tails. Plus, they come in various colors, like dark gray, blue-gray, white, and black! 

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Tips for Taking Care of Chinchillas


Before you browse the best chinchilla breeders in the United States, you need to know how to take care of this incredible animal. Once you find the perfect chinchilla breeder to buy a healthy and happy chinchilla, there are a few care tips to keep in mind:

  • Keep the cage well ventilated and dry
  • Keep the cage in cool temperatures, up to 70 degrees Fahrenheit
  • If you have more than one chinchilla, keep them in separate cages
  • Feed chinchillas food pellets, hay, and dried nuts from pet stores
  • Bathe your chinchilla once per week (dust baths) 

Once you are prepared to take care of your beloved pet, it is time to shop around from reputable chinchilla breeders to ensure your future household animal is well taken care of, happy, and healthy.

Future owners should read online to find reputable “chinnie” breeders that raise happy, healthy, and sociable animals suitable for apartments, rooms, and family homes. By reading reviews online and ensuring the breeders are knowledgeable and experts in the industry, future owners can purchase a chinchilla with a long lifespan. 

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for the best chinchilla breeder in Chicago or located on the West Coast — there are dozens of reputable options around the nation! Let’s check out the top eight chinchilla breeders in the United States for your first pet. 

1. DJ’s Chinchilla’s


Located in California, this reputable chinchilla breeder is well-known across the nation. This breeder sells different colors of chinchillas, perfect for owners who want a specially-colored chinchilla (ex: bright white or even violet!) Although this breeder only serves the local Riverside area, it is well worth heading to California to browse their extensive selection. 

Future owners can rest assured they are using a reputable source to buy their chinchillas, as this breeder has been in the industry for almost two decades. Browse the website to contact them directly, ask questions, and see common FAQs for new chinchillas owners. Plus, they offer a free consultation — putting your mind at ease before you even hand over any cash! 

DJ’s Chinchilla’s Details:

2. Chinchilla Chateau


If you are located in California, you’re in luck! This is another California-based chinchilla breeder known for the owner’s extensive knowledge of these adorable creatures. The owner, Sumiko, has a college degree in Biological Sciences, helping answer all of your care questions about your future pet. 

Sumiko is the director of the Empress Chinchilla Breeders Cooperative, showing her proficiency in the industry and putting all buyers’ minds at ease. Plus, her expertise ensures she only chooses the most easy-going and well-tempered chinchillas to contain in her breeding sanctuary. 

For those interested in adopting a chinchilla from this location, check out their online website to see the current creatures for sale! 

Chinchilla Chateau Details:

3. Cuddlebug Chinchillas


Moving away from California, Cuddlebug Chinchillas in Colorado is another breeder who is a part of the empress Chinchilla Breeders’ Cooperative. This reputable breeder is one of the best in their state — and for good reason! 

This family-run business aims to produce only high-end chinchillas (also known as “chinese”) by breeding these animals to help their temperament, lifespan, and personality. The mom and son who own this business pride themselves on helping the chinchilla’s quality of life, not focusing on making monetary gain from sales. 

We love this breeder for those who want a chinchilla who has been raised with great attention to detail. If you are interested in adopting here, you will have to go on a nice road trip to this scenic part of colorado! 

Cuddlebug Chinchillas Details:

4. Sunshine Chinchillas


Heading to the East Coast of the United States, Sunshine Chinchillas in Florida is well known for their large selection of colorful chinchillas, ranging from gray, violet, beige, and white animals! Plus, this trustworthy breeder is a member of the Mutation Chinchilla Breeders Association, an internal network for breeders that shows proficiency in the industry. 

Before heading here, check out the pricing structure — Sunshine prices their chinchillas based on color, with the normal gray color starting at $200 and more unique colors, like violet, nearly double that price. If you are in the market for a luxury chinchilla, you can expect to pay a few thousand dollars for a curly-haired creature. 

Plus, we love how Sunshine offers rescue chinchillas for those who want to save an animal without spending a fortune! 

Sunshine Chinchillas Details:

5. Hawaii Chinchillas


Everyone wants to go to Hawaii for a vacation — and now you have a great reason to fly here! 

Head to Hawaii Chinchillas in Oahu, a beautiful city positioned on the busiest island in the entire state. This reputable breeder is known nationwide for its highly-prized, well-behaved, and sociable chinchillas — which is a huge deal, considering chinchillas are usually anxious and high-strung. 

In addition, Hawaii Chinchillas also has a stocked store that contains all of your owner’s needs. If this is your first chinchilla, you will need lots of accessories and care products to ensure your chinchilla is happy and healthy at home, such as a cage, food, toys, exercise wheels, and water dispenser. 

Lastly, Hawaii Chinchillas are also known in the industry for their good deed of taking care of abandoned or lost chinchillas. Acting as sort of a “foster parent” for chinchillas that have been abandoned or given away, Hawaii Chinchillas can make your dream of adopting a chinnie come true. 

For those who are interested in browsing their current animals, you can look at their website. If you find a cute and cozy little creature that you absolutely can’t live without, pay just $90 extra to have your chinchilla shipped to your front door in no time! 

Hawaii Chinchillas Details:

6. Chinchillas R US


Does everybody remember the famous Toys R’ Us stores that went out of business? Well, this Indiana-based location took a nice play on words from this infamous children’s store with their name Chinchillas R US! For those who live near Trafalgar, this local breeder is a great option.

We recommend checking out these chinchillas if you want to find healthy chinnies that are sociable, work well with kids, and have a long projected lifespan. Plus, this Indiana breeder also offers accessories, toys, and equipment, making this the perfect one-stop shop for future owners who are new to caring for chinchillas. 

Lastly, Chinchillas R US shows they take good care seriously — they offer a care sheet on their website and FAQs that provide new owners with everything they could ever need to ensure their future pet is happy for many years to come. 

Chinchillas R US Details:

7. Humble Acres Chinchillas


Hooray, another East Coast location! For chinchilla lovers in the Northeastern section of the United States, Humble Acres Chinchillas is the top option for homeowners in the Tri-State area. Instead of getting a huge animal or loud bird for your small NYC apartment, a chinchilla is the best way to go.

Future owners can rest assured they are choosing a reputable and knowledgeable breeder, as Humble Acres Chinchillas is a dual member of the Mutation Chinchilla Breeders Association and the Empress Chinchilla Breeders Cooperative. Their expertise and knowledge in chinchilla care have made this location home to numerous awards and accolades. 

Just like other chinchilla breeders we mentioned in this foolproof list, Humble Acres Chinchillas offer numerous colors, sizes, and shapes of chinchillas. If you are looking for a specific “mosaic” chinchilla or a “standard” chinnie, you can find it here! 

So, why should you choose Humble Acres over other popular breeders in the country? One of the main perks of this NYC breeder is its fair and affordable pricing structure. Unlike other options, which can reach thousands of dollars for specialty breeds, Humble Acres offers a standard chinnie for just $50. 

If you would like a more specialized type of chinchilla, you can still rest assured that you will be paying less than $500 for a “high-end” animal — less than 1⁄3 of other breeders! 

Humble Acres Chinchillas Details:

8. NWI Chinchillas


Last but not least, we have another Indiana-based breeder on the list of the best Chinchilla breeders in the United States who is popular in the industry for their high standards, large breadth of knowledge, and proficiency in the chinchilla world. NWI Chinchillas was founded in 2003, hosting almost 20 years of knowledge when it comes to chinchilla rescue, chinchilla care, and breeding.

Located in Chesterton, this famous breeder is a member of both the Mutation Chinchilla Breeders Association and Empress Chinchilla Breeders Cooperative. 

Plus, all of the animals taken care of at NWI Chinchillas are bred for health — this means the owners here pride themselves on caring for each chinchilla to lead to a long-lasting life, not just breeding animals for the most profit. 

In addition, NWI Chinchillas focuses on fostering chinchillas to help poor animals who were not taken care of properly. You can find an abandoned chinchilla, the necessary care items (i.e., food, hay, toys, etc.), and pay to have them groomed all in one place! 

Lastly, NWI Chinchillas offers a wide range of chinnie options for future owners. It doesn’t matter if you want a high-end white ebony animal or a “standard” gray chinnie to adopt – they have something for everyone! 

Are you thinking of adopting or buying a chinchilla from a breeder? Choose a reputable breeder from this list to ensure you have a healthy, happy, and sociable pet for your home! You will soon fall in love with this cuddly and cute creature.

NWI Chinchillas Details:

Conclusion For “Best Chinchilla Breeders in The United States”


Using these foolproof websites, you can easily find one of the best chinchilla breeders in the United States to get a cute and cuddly pet! Whether you need a chinchilla breeder in Chicago, California, or New York City, there is a breeder for all of your needs. 

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