6 Best Goldendoodle Breeders in Georgia! (2024)

Goldendoodles are a designer breed produced when mixed with a Golden Retriever and a Poodle. The dogs are intelligent and loyal, and they’re great family dogs. If you wish to adopt a Goldendoodle, it’s best if you have outdoor space for your puppy to play. Your Goldendoodle will require about two hours of exercise each day.

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Goldendoodle Puppies in Georgia For Sale

Goldendoodle Puppies in Georgia For Sale

We’ve compiled a list of the best Goldendoodle breeders in Georgia to assist you with your adoption decision. The kennels on this list are responsible for caring for your dog’s medical and social needs in the weeks leading up to your Gotcha Day. Most are family-owned and operated and will give your puppy plenty of one-on-one attention.

It’s important to avoid puppy mills when you’re “shopping” for a dog. Puppy mills often produce unhealthy dogs that are not socialized properly. That can mean the dog you bring home isn’t a good fit for companionship. Instead, look at this list of the top Goldendoodle breeders in the Peach State.

1. Atlanta Doodles and Poodles

Atlanta-Doodles-and-Poodles (Goldendoodle Georgia)

Atlanta Doodles and Poodles is a Georgia-based breeder of Goldendoodles. The kennel is a family-owned and operated business that’s been in business for several years. Still, owner Lauren Bishop has been exposed to the process of raising puppies for most of her life – she’s a second-generation dog breeder.

You’ll need to fill out an adoption application to adopt a dog from Atlanta Doodles and Poodles. Once approved, you’ll be asked to place a $500 deposit. This is non-refundable, so be sure you’re ready to adopt! Finally, when puppies are ready to go home at eight weeks, you’ll pay the remainder of the balance in cash.

The total for your dog is typically around $2,500. Your puppy’s parents are AKC registered, and though the AKC doesn’t recognize Goldendoodles, the breeder makes your puppy’s parentage transparent. Dogs come with a health guarantee and are sold as companions only. You’ll be required to sign a spay or neuter contract to qualify for the guarantee.

Atlanta Doodles and Poodles Details

2. Ramen Doodles

Ramen-Doodles (Goldendoodle Georgia)

Ramen Doodles is the next Georgia Goldendoodle breeder on our list. This Byron, Georgia kennel specializes in only Goldendoodles, and the family-run breeder raises puppies in their own home. You’ll be required to choose your puppy over video chat, as visitors aren’t generally encouraged.

Your Georgia Goldendoodle comes with a health guarantee, and you’ll be asked to spay or neuter your dog as a part of that contract unless you buy breeding rights. Puppies are up to date with vaccinations and wormers, and crate training will have been started with your dog before pickup.

The foal of the Ramen Doodles team is to make the transition into your home as easy as possible. You’ll be required to place a $500 deposit on your dog; various payment methods are accepted. The total price for your dog is due upon pickup, but you’ll need to contact the kennel for pricing information. Puppy prices may vary based on the litter or characteristics of your dog.

Ramen Doodles Details

3. River Falls Goldendoodles

River-Falls-Goldendoodles (Goldendoodle Georgia)

Over in Mount Airy, Georgia, is the next Goldendoodle breeder on our list. A husband-wife team runs River Falls Goldendoodles; between the two, they have 20 years of experience breeding happy, healthy puppies. Puppies are raised in the family home and will be socialized with other dogs and children, too.

Parents are AKC-registered, and the River Falls team is happy to show you applicable registration paperwork. Your puppy’s health is guaranteed, but you must sign a spay or neuter contract for your puppy as they are sold as companions only. Puppies can be trained as therapy or service dogs; speak to the kennel team if this is what you’re looking for.

You’ll need to pay $500 to reserve a dog. When it’s time to pick up your puppy, you’ll be responsible for the remainder of the balance. Prices may vary based on the characteristics of the dog. Puppies are selected in the order deposits are received, and the River Falls website will be updated with how many spots are remaining.

River Falls Goldendoodles Details

4. Champions of the Heart

Champions-of-the-Heart (Goldendoodle Georgia)

Champions of the Heart cultivates Goldendoodles, sheep doodles, and Bernedoodles. They’re located in Lavonia, Georgia, northeast of Athens and Atlanta. The kennel is run by a husband and wife team, and puppies are raised in a comfy, climate-controlled facility until it’s time to go home with you.

Your puppy will also have plenty of time and space to explore outdoors, learning about their new environment. Champions of the Heart focuses on socializing puppies – from time to time, there are farm animals on the property, and your dog will also be introduced to children and other dogs.

If you’re interested in adopting a Goldendoodle from this Georgia breeder, you’ll need to place a deposit. The non-refundable deposit is deducted from the total cost of $1,800. Puppies are sold with a two-year health guarantee, and your dog will be sold as a companion only; breeding rights are not available.

You can check the website for information about available puppies, as it’s updated regularly. Deposits are only accepted once a litter is born. Champions of the Heart is inspected regularly by the Department of Agriculture. They’re a licensed business but operated as a hobby breeder.

Champions of the Heart Details

5. Tuckers Doodles and Poodles

Tuckers-Doodles-and-Poodles (Goldendoodle Georgia)Tuckers Doodles and Poodles are Augusta-area kennel breeds Goldendoodles, poodles, and golden retrievers. The family team has decades of experience breeding dogs and over twenty years of experience with Goldendoodles. They’re a licensed breeder in Georgia, and dams and sires are AKC registered.

Tuckers Doodles and Poodles Details

6. Ayers Pampered Pets

Ayers-Pampered-Pets (Goldendoodle Georgia)

The last Georgia Goldendoodle breeder on our list is Ayers Pampered Pets. This is a Hull, Georgia, business that’s run within a family home. Visitors are welcome, but you must make an appointment and follow specific guidelines by the Ayers team. You’ll have an hour to visit your puppy and get to know them.

Upcoming and available puppies are regularly updated on the Ayers website, so check back frequently. You’ll be required to put down a deposit on your dog once you decide to adopt it. The deposit is typical $400, and the full price to adopt is around $1,800, depending upon the puppy’s characteristics.

Dogs are sold with a two-year health guarantee and will be up to date with vaccines and worming treatments when it’s time to go home with you. Speak with the breeder directly for more information about whether breeding rights are available. In most cases, your puppy will be sold as a pet only.

Ayers Pampered Pets puppies go to their new homes well-socialized to get along with children and other animals and will have begun the process of potty training. Puppies can be microchipped upon request; let the breeder know if you wish for your puppy to be registered.

Ayers Pampered Pets Details

Conclusion For The “Best Goldendoodle Breeders in Georgia”


Georgia families looking to adopt a Goldendoodle should ensure that they’re purchasing a dog from a reputable and responsible breeder. Choosing a kennel that pays attention to the social well-being and the health of your dog will help to increase the likelihood that your puppy will grow to be a healthy adult. No matter who you choose, avoid puppy mills.

Choosing a breeder who is mindful of your puppy’s health can help combat harmful and unsafe puppy mills. Begin with this list of the best Georgia Goldendoodle breeders. Interview those that appeal to you, and you’ll be well on your way toward adding a lifelong companion to your household.

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